What are the conditions for the company's blue V account to pass in a few days
Agudo 2021-02-23 00:21:26

Enterprise hundred blue v There is an essential difference between a certified account number and a personal number , The materials that need to be provided are also very different , To register enterprise Baijia, you need a variety of information , Let's talk about what materials are needed for business owners in detail , In order to be fully equipped before the application .

  One 、 Enterprise information . The enterprise information to be prepared before application is as follows :

  1. Company name :

  2. Business address :

  4. Zip code :

  5. Business license registration number :

  6. Business term :

  8. Range of experience :

  9. Scanned copy of business license .

  10. Enterprise hundred ID And account name to customer service

  11. Wait after applying 1-7 It's just a working day

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