What is enterprise Baijia? What advantages can it bring to the enterprise
Agudo 2021-02-23 00:19:52

Enterprise Baijia is a product of Baijia new search engine ecology , Have search visibility , Continuous brand promotion , Fans maintenance , Efficient transformation and other characteristics that contribute to the sustainable growth of enterprises .

  Baijia blue v Certified account is a product that Baidu can customize for the sustainable development of enterprises , And content publishing , User operations , Sales as one of the precise private marketing model .

  Baidu, as China's largest search company, provides content publishing for enterprises , Fans manage a platform , It also provides a content platform with 10 billion traffic entrance for enterprises , Baidu is cleaning up the distribution center of brand publicity .

  1. How to register a hundred companies

  Applying for Baidu blue v Before you authenticate your account , You need to have a one-day enterprise account number , You can register your enterprise Baijia number through your mobile phone number and provide relevant materials .

  If you don't have an account number of 100 companies , It can be registered through Baijia registration platform .

  If you already have a hundred companies

  1. You need to bind and manage the account

  2. Please guarantee the authenticity of the content provided by enterprise Baijia

  Enterprise Baijia can not be unbound or changed after opening

  2. There are many options for registration

  There's a man on the hundred 、 The media 、 Enterprises 、 The government 、 Other organizations have five account types , If you are an enterprise, we suggest that you apply for enterprise Baijia number. After all, after opening enterprise Baijia number, you can open Baijia blue v authentication , Have a number of interests .

  3. Fill in the application information

  Different account types apply for Baijia number , The information to be prepared is shown in the table below :

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