How to configure the home page function area after Baijia blue V certification
Agudo 2021-02-23 00:17:14

Baijia blue v Authentication account is an exclusive brand promotion platform created by Baidu for enterprises , Here's a collection of content releases , User communication , Sales and transformation into exclusive traffic position of Yiti , Baijia blue v Certification is a blockbuster to upgrade and promote enterprise Baijia , Enjoy 22 The rights and interests of the members of the company , The annual cost is only 600 element .

  Baijia blue v How to configure after successful authentication ? Baijia certification service provider pushes Technology :jutui22

  Enterprise Baijia has its own brand promotion zone , Live platform , Small programs help enterprises to provide traffic and extend the service chain , Promote enterprises to obtain high quality clues .

  Two 、 Where is the function entrance ?

  Home page of Baijia - Sidebar -「 laboratory 」-「 Home page configuration 」.

  3、 ... and 、 What are the functions ?

  Enterprise hundred number configuration can be divided into two parts, basic information and home page configuration , And the basic information has a signature , Avatars and authentication information , The home page is set to 【 Product promotion area , live broadcast , Applet , menu , Contact information, etc 6 Big major plates .

  Four 、 Product promotion area

  Brand promotion area , Can help your brand order propaganda , Promote the flow of cash and other operations .