What are the advantages of enterprise 100 certification and what help can it bring to enterprises?
Agudo 2021-02-23 00:10:52

One 、 The benefits of enterprise 100 Certification

  1、 After certification , Enterprise Baijia will provide you with continuous product promotion and diversified content , Multiterminal Publishing .

  2、 The main name of the account is Baidu blue v Certification mark , Let the user look more at ease ;

  3、 In Baidu search engine ranking can be top ;

  4、 More development functions can be realized after enterprise Baijia certification , For example, QR code with parameters 、 Location requests, etc , You can apply for online payment and small shops .

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  Two 、 The benefits of enterprise number authentication enterprise number authentication is to ensure the authenticity of enterprise number information 、 Security . After the enterprise number passed the certification , Upgrade from registration number to certification number .

  1、 The registration number before authentication can't realize real-time communication with fans , After certification , You can pay online , Live with goods and other operations

  2、 The enterprise number after certification can open a variety of modes , Multi platform display .