How to certify the blue V certification of enterprise Baijia?
Agudo 2021-02-23 00:07:49

Learn about Baijia enterprise blue V Benefits of certification , Many companies want to know , Baijia blue V Authentication how to authenticate ? What information and steps are required for certification ? Of course , Baidu's support and help for the authoritative enterprise Baijia can be rated as the most powerful among the major we media platforms , No wonder many enterprises are interested in passing the certification quickly , In fact, the enterprise hundred number blue V The authentication process is not complicated , The following is the enterprise hundred blue V Certification process and required information .

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  Baijia blue V Information required for certification

  Baijia blue V Authentication how to authenticate ? The first thing to know is the materials needed for certification , Enterprise Baijia number certification requires enterprises to provide enterprise Baijia number 、 Enterprise business license 、 The operator's ID card and the operator's ID card are taken and uploaded , There is also a certification fee 600 element / year , Submit the above information and wait for review , After the approval, the customer service will send the operation tutorial .

  Baijia blue V The certification process

  Enterprise hundred blue V Authentication needs to register baidu account and Baijia number first , Be sure to pay attention to when you register your Baijia number , Choose the type to choose the enterprise ! Set up the name of the enterprise 、 Head portrait 、 After the introduction and other information, you can proceed to the next step , Upload business license 、 Enterprise name and other relevant information , Wait for the system audit , System audit is usually conducted in 1 to 7 A working day . After passing the audit, we need to publish three pieces of content in enterprise Baijia , You can experience the first screen must show function ! Baijia blue V How to authenticate ? It is through the above steps , It's really very simple , I hope the creators will be certified as soon as possible ~