Which is better, a joint venture car or a domestic car? The old driver gives pertinent suggestions and many years of experience
Yuxuan Xiaoqing 2021-02-23 00:05:29

Hello everyone, I'm your old friend brother meow , Before, brother meow told you , Old friends make complaints about buying home-made cars to go home for the new year , There are many friends consulting brother meow , Can we buy domestic cars now ? The first point depends on your car budget , If the budget for a car is only 8 Ten thousand pieces ,10 Ten thousand pieces , Well, brother meow tells you , Domestic cars can buy , If the budget for a car is 300000 , four hundred thousand , So you have to be a little careful when buying a domestic car , Because at this price, there will be more reliable and high-quality joint venture cars or imported cars than domestic cars .

 Which is better, a joint venture car or a domestic car ? The old driver gave pertinent advice , Years of experience

Second point , It depends on the demand for the car , If the budget is only 10 Ten thousand pieces , I want to buy a comfortable one SUV, Few companies in the market can meet the requirements , Even if there are, there are all kinds of simple cars , You don't like it when you go , So the only choice is domestic cars , If the budget is more than one hundred thousand , There are many domestic cars at this price , There are also many joint venture cars , At this time, it depends on what you care about , At the same price , In general, domestic soft configuration will do better , Especially when it comes to 156000 , What you want and what you don't want are all for you , Including central control large screen 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Adaptive cruise 、 Lane departure warning 、 Seat ventilation 、 Seat heating , The automatic air conditioning 、 Including the ones that are very popular now pm2.5 Green clean technology is all installed , Soft configuration is very rich , A look at the same price , It seems that there is nothing else except four tires and three sofas , Not even the central control screen , Just an old radio , The point is there's no reversing radar , You have to make your own holes .

 Which is better, a joint venture car or a domestic car ? The old driver gave pertinent advice , Years of experience

So I need to be clear about my needs for cars , If you want to drive more comfortable and don't want more money , So brother meow recommends a more domestic car . Or don't care so much about these things , The climate of the place where the car is used is not bad , Seat ventilation , There's no need for seat heating , More important is the chassis , The engine , The stability of the three parts of the gearbox , Then consider a joint venture car , At this stage, there is still a gap between the three major parts of our domestic cars and the joint venture cars , For example, in terms of the core component gearbox , Few of our domestic cars can be manufactured independently . In addition, we also consider the issue of hedge ratio , It's the same 10 At present, after five years of driving a domestic car, it costs so much less than a joint venture car , It's normal .

 Which is better, a joint venture car or a domestic car ? The old driver gave pertinent advice , Years of experience

Finally, at the same price , Under the same needs , If we can accept that the value preservation rate of domestic cars is slightly lower , Maybe it will make a little bit of noise when driving , After five years, there will be a little more small problems , If you like the rich configuration made in China , There's nothing wrong with choosing a domestic car . But the pursuit of rich configuration is not so high , I just want to drive for a few years , It's relatively easy to change cars after that , If the hedge ratio is also good , So choosing a joint venture car is definitely better than choosing a domestic one , Whether you can buy domestic products depends on how much you are willing to spend ,, It depends on whether you can accept the existing shortcomings and shortcomings , Although the joint venture car has advantages over the domestic car in three major aspects at present , But under the same conditions of the soft configuration of comfort accessories, the cooperative is not so kind compared with the domestic ones , This is the current situation of the automobile market , I hope you can make a rational choice , Buy a car rationally .

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