What is enterprise 100? How to join Baijia to crack down on private domain traffic
Agudo 2021-02-23 00:03:14

With 2021 The coming of the year , Global COVID-19 also controls and upgrades , Nucleic acid testing is needed in every part of China during the Spring Festival , Despite the recession , however , Every entrepreneur still keeps on advancing , Today, I'd like to talk to you about the enterprise hundred .

  Enterprise hundred certification steps

  Baijia is created by Baidu for content creators , Collection content creation 、 Internet platform integrated with release and Realization . Baidu APP、 Baidu search and other distribution channels affect hundreds of millions of users . In hundred homes , You can do more than you think , Enterprise Baijia can help enterprises get more clues .

  The rights and interests of Baijia company ( Wechat, a number 100 certification service provider :jutui22)

  If you are a Baidu search engine , that , Enterprise hundred is strongly recommended to do , The reason is self-evident , What can enterprise Baijia bring to enterprises ?

  One 、 The super large flow entrance of enterprise Baijia : Search for + Recommend two engines to reach target users , It can help enterprises achieve rapid exposure , It can help enterprises realize the exponential growth of brand .

  Two 、 The enhanced product promotion function of enterprise Baijia : enterprise + Baidu 12 A series of products have been opened up , Content is also distributed through multiple channels , Full range touch exposure can help enterprises show their brands through multiple channels , To achieve the goal of effective product promotion .

  3、 ... and 、 The diversified interaction of the number of 100 enterprises makes enterprises closer to fans , Through interaction , Comment on , Luck draw , Card voucher , circle , Mass hair , Direct messages , Reply and so on , Achieve and target users 0 Distance contact , Realize the connection between product publicity and actual enterprises , Achieve the transmission function of enterprise temperature .

  Four 、 The efficient transformation function of enterprise Baijia , Let enterprise private domain traffic suggestions go up continuously , This is also Baidu's intention to help enterprises boost traffic growth , Clues grow , stay 2021 We will be able to have a higher and better performance in 2010, doubling . In terms of transformation, enterprise Baijia has also opened its homepage - No. content - No. private letter closed loop conversion , At the same time, combined with the base wood fish + There was no. , Baidu smart applet + There was no. , live broadcast + There was no. , Online retailers + There was no. , store + Baijia and other channels transform the entrance in various ways .

  Baidu search engine is currently the mainstream search engine in China , All kinds of rights and interests of enterprise Baijia are constantly upgrading , It can realize the clue quickly in a short time “ No stop ”, At present, it's also free for enterprise Baijia , If an enterprise wants to register on its behalf, it will be audited , Of course, there is a charge for this .

If you want to know more, you can contact Baijia certification service provider jutui technology wechat :jutui22