How to find my company's enterprise brand directly on Baidu's home page
Agudo 2021-02-23 00:01:01

How to find my enterprise brand directly on Baidu homepage , Hundred enterprises blue v authentication

Many companies or brand enterprises , It's a problem that's bothering us all , That's how to find my brand on baidu home page 、 Product or company name and promotion articles .

The simplest thing for ordinary people is to build a website , But it's time-consuming , Another is Baidu promotion , Get a quick ranking straight away , But the cost is too high for small businesses , It's not particularly cost-effective , And I don't know the exact effect yet .

So what should we do , How to quickly get the ranking of our brand products , That is to build a hundred enterprises v authentication . This is Baidu's latest product , Empower the enterprise , Complete authority certification , It can turn potential traffic into orders or business . We can explain it from the following three points .

One 、 When we register the name of Baijia , The abbreviation of enterprise should be the brand word of the company , Or words that are particularly relevant to the name of the company . It can be approved quickly , At the time of collection , The results are also very clear and efficient for the publicity and expression of users .

Two 、 Baijia is a platform channel providing content output , So when we're doing enterprise 100 , The article must focus on the editor , We must focus on the promotion of brands and products .

3、 ... and 、 When writing articles, we should be objective about the company's products and technologies , Avoid over publicity leading to titles . Because enterprise Baijia is a brand platform that can be built for its own enterprise , So we must work hard on the content . Keep Baijia alive , It's also a special content contributor for search engines .