In 2020, we will see the real salary of 99% of Chinese people
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One of the most famous stalks in Zhihu is about “ Yearly salary one million ”, Because this community is focused on “ High net worth population ” attribute , So there's a kind of “ All of them are middle class except me ” Illusion .

But actually , When the effects of story making and survivor bias are removed , The other data may be more real .

lately ,36 Krypton has released salary data for major cities in China , But it's different from the previous average , This data focuses on the median wage .

therefore , We see a different first tier city and a new first tier city .

2020 year , We see that 99% The real salary of Chinese people

In the past, we always focused on the average monthly salary of more than ten thousand .

But when you think about it, you can see that some of them are not referential .

In this “ This principle ” In the dominant salary structure , The average wage of many of us has been pushed up by the leaders .

In this statistic , We find that the median monthly salary of most cities in China is less than 6000, It even includes the first tier cities .

2020 year , We see that 99% The real salary of Chinese people

What's your monthly salary ?


Annual salary doesn't define you

6000 The inside of the block is related to 10000 Face of the block

The perception of wages , We always have a very general number , And we seem to be used to classifying people according to this number : Annual salary 10 ten thousand , Annual salary 50 ten thousand , Yearly salary one million .

In this way , We simplify a lot of variables about life , It seems that after this number, we will get “ Life winner ” Life of .

But actually , Even if only from “ The quality of material life ” From this perspective , The amount of wages is only a superficial measure .

earn 10000 block , Living in Beijing and Shanghai , And earn 6000 The quality of life in the third and fourth tier cities is totally different , The latter is likely to hang the former .

2020 year , We see that 99% The real salary of Chinese people

The former don't even want to rent by themselves , Be sure to share it with your roommate , So we have to endure the possible “ Wonderful roommate ” Work and rest of , And public health issues .

And the latter ? A bachelor's apartment in the center of the city might be 2000 A little more ( It varies from city to city ), Plus, if you can eat at home , And cheap prices , It's possible to live a very “ Moist ”.

You bet , Life in a small city can seem flat , There is also a lack of entertainment , But a person can see several exhibitions a year ? How many plays can I listen to ?

So it's not objective to classify people according to their annual salary , A better classification should be based on quality of life .

2020 year , We see that 99% The real salary of Chinese people

It's about life .


The bargaining problem of job seekers :

Involution and prisoner's dilemma

In the East Asian society with serious involution culture , We have been taught to be competitive since childhood .

Because in the limited social resources , There must be a selection standard “ Eliminate ” Some people , Let others have access to limited social resources .

therefore , We are born “ The king of inner volume ”, It seems that we are always keen to compare with others , It's not shallow , It's a competitive instinct .

It also makes it difficult for us to really accept our own opinions “ mediocre ”, So we're like we said above , Always looking at the first tier cities , Always looking at those “ Yearly salary one million ”.

But in fact , Most people in China , It's not that “ face ” It's so beautiful .

They are paid less than 6000, But their lives are the reality of most people , It's just that few people know about their lives .

2020 year , We see that 99% The real salary of Chinese people

such “ Internal volume ” And “ competition ”, From the perspective of social distribution , There's a reason for that , Depending on some form of screening , Can promote production more effectively .

But it's individual , It's a proper prisoner's dilemma .

In fact, the essence of salary is two points , One is the measurement of social value creation , One more , It's the market between employers and job seekers .

The former is “ How much does society think your labor is worth ”, That is value .

The latter is the wage level affected by supply and demand , That's the price .

And in this case ,“ Internal volume ” And there comes .

China is very large. , So there must be differences in the development of the industry , So some comparisons “ very popular ” It's very easy to find a new industry “ Internal volume ”.

With a relatively fixed number of jobs in a certain industry , The large number of job seekers also means that enterprises have more opportunities to choose , And talking about salary, which is a common practice before employment, has finally become beneficial to the enterprise “ market ”.

A job , You bid 8000, And there's a man 7000 Just do it , This is the time , Do you want to bite your teeth and lower your bid to the lowest level 6500?

This is the prisoner's dilemma in front of every migrant worker


Under the inner volume ,

Are we going to pursue that face ?

The workplace environment of infidelity and prisoner's dilemma , Let every worker be like a hunter in the dark forest theory who suffers from the chain of suspicion , It's also prey .

But what's really bothering most people is , There is only one question : I'm great XX College graduates , I'm going to do this , I can't afford to lose this man .

For example, the one that was repeatedly discussed by the media before “ Peking University Graduates sell pork ”.

It's still face thinking .

And the question of face , It also includes those who are said to be rotten “ Go to big cities and fight ” The tone of .

You bet , Big cities look beautiful , It's amazing , The lights are dim , But it's just face , actually , Young people working in big cities now , Most of them have no way to stay .

Let's put it another way , That is to say :“ After all, no lamp is on for me .”

2020 year , We see that 99% The real salary of Chinese people

I used to yearn for an international metropolis , So when I was a graduate student, I came to Hong Kong despite the opposition of many people .

At the beginning of my graduate life , I often after class in the evening , Take the subway to Tsim Sha Tsui , Watching the boats and lights on Victoria Harbour , I feel that I have made a right decision .

But things quickly changed , Then I stayed to work , Discover that Victoria harbor will always be just like this , I'm tired of watching it a few times .

And behind the neon and the lights , It's a lot of pressure , It can be said that behind every light in Victoria Harbour , They are all miserable overtime workers , Hong Kong is not “ sweet ”.

And Shenzhen, which has been talked about by countless people all the time , And the median is not 6000, You can imagine how difficult it is for the people in it .

in order to “ face ” I'm afraid my life is just “ It looks beautiful ”.

2020 year , We see that 99% The real salary of Chinese people

It makes you ignore other possibilities in your life , It will also make you miss out on your life development opportunities .

actually , The greatest value of a person is not only his present annual salary ( The stock of ), It's about the future potential ( The incremental ).

Finally, I want to end with a story .

Many years ago , The concept of ten thousand yuan household is very popular , At that time, it seemed that with this money, we could spend a lifetime .

quite a lot “ Ten thousand yuan household ” I think so too , I think I can live ahead of time “ Retirement life ”.

But in a short time 20 Less than a year , Everyone can see the ridiculous idea .

Because of a very simple truth : Increment is always more important to a person than stock “ Useful ”.
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