Xiaomi started with loser users. Why did Lei Jun fire them? That's the problem
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Xiaomi executives said “ Losers make the world ” Millet group : The employee has resigned with deep regret , Xiaomi group responded by saying that Wang Mei himself gave rice noodles his careless and wrong remarks 、 Harm caused by users , Deeply regret , Take the initiative to resign and take responsibility for it .

Loser , To the world ! Is this sentence wrong ? No mistake , How many Internet companies in China started with losers in those years ? Small and medium-sized sellers such as Alibaba Taobao , Xiaomi is the same , When Xiaomi was a smartphone , What was the price of Samsung and apple smartphones at that time ? Can a loser afford it ? Even if you can afford , I can't bear it .

therefore , The problem is coming. , Since there is nothing wrong with what they say , Why did you leave Xiaomi ? Speaking white , It's too untimely to say that .

 Xiaomi started with loser users , Why did Lei Jun expel others ? Here's the problem

Speaking is an art ?

He that talks much errs much , Out of the mouth comes evil , These are all left to us by our ancestors . Everyone has a good face , Who doesn't like good words , Why would there be a white lie ? That's a lot of people , Only good words , Don't listen to bad words , So that explains it , Why in this society , There are many ordinary people , Few experts , Because experts have a big heart , Understand “ If you listen to both, you will know ”!

 Xiaomi started with loser users , Why did Lei Jun expel others ? Here's the problem

Why do you say “ be inopportune or inappropriate ”?

Xiaomi started with loser users , This is an indisputable fact . But a company goes from low end to high end , Take this year , Xiaomi launched Xiaomi 10 series , This is Xiaomi's first high-end mobile phone , This means that it is certain that Xiaomi will go to the high end in the future .

alike , The poor guy who used to use millet products , Will he still be a poor boy today ? I can't say that many Xiaomi users have reached the middle class level , Now that I have money , And using your millet products , But your executives say we are “ Loser group ”, How can people recognize this ?

Step back , Now the loser is actually a “ Neuter word ”, It mainly refers to people who have no cars or houses , But you have to say that losers can't afford a smartphone ? It's missing , Maybe people don't like Xiaomi mobile phones !

 Xiaomi started with loser users , Why did Lei Jun expel others ? Here's the problem

How to look at the wave operation of Xiaomi ?

From the perspective of Xiaomi , This is a wave of normal operation . The company invited you to , I want you to create value for the company , Instead of making trouble for the company , Although your words are half right and half wrong , But in front of users , I have to sacrifice you , I've made you . It can be seen from this , Lei Jun is very concerned about users' feelings , The company's values are pretty good .

Yes, of course , There are also many people who say , Those big guys of Xiaomi before have a lot of thunder words , I didn't take the blame and quit , On the contrary, the more fighting, the braver .

In a word , You can eat at random , I really can't talk nonsense , I hope this executive will have a good career in the future !

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