The factory only takes 20% of the responsibility for the sudden death of employees in the electronics factory who work overtime for 100 hours every month
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The job of exchanging time for money is not a good job at all !

We are often asked what a good job is ? The answer of most people is : More money, less home .

Just seven words also tell the inner needs of professionals , But such a job is really hard to find , Because this is a “ fish ” and “ Bear's paw ” A part-time job .

If we are not the rich second generation , There's no special relationship , It's basically impossible to get such a job .

In general , Want more money , There have to be many things ; Want less , The salary will not be too high .

As a matter of fact , For those with high wages , A lot of work , A lot of people are very happy to do it , But the strength is not enough , Can't afford .

Last, last , The way most of us increase our income is to work overtime .


Too much overtime , Sudden death at home

2019 year , The news that an electronic factory employee died suddenly at home after working overtime also aroused people's attention , The family members of the employees also sued the electronics factory . A year later , The case was finally decided , The employer shall bear the loss caused by the death of the employee 20% The liability of .

 Work overtime every month 100 Hours , Sudden death in the home of an electronic factory employee , The factory only undertakes 20% responsibility

What's the cause of this ?

2015 year ,40 Li, who is about 20 years old, has entered an electronics factory in Suzhou , To be a front-line wire burner .

According to the company's Employee Handbook , The normal working hours of the company's employees are every week 5 God , Work every day 8 Hours . The excess is overtime , Overtime needs to be applied in advance , Employees have at least one day off per week .

This kind of arrangement is very common in electronic factories , It's a kind of regular .

But anyone who has worked in an electronics factory knows , If you don't work overtime , You can't make any money in an electronics factory . Most employees are paid by working overtime .

To make more money , Li began to apply for overtime gradually . It started with working two hours a day on weekdays , One more day at the weekend . So let's do that , The monthly overtime is 80 In hours or so .

 Work overtime every month 100 Hours , Sudden death in the home of an electronic factory employee , The factory only undertakes 20% responsibility

If according to overtime pay there are 1.5 In terms of double wages , Work overtime every month 80 Hours , Then you can pay more every month 75% The basic salary of .

Logically speaking , This kind of overtime intensity has been relatively large , But in order to make more money, Li gave up his weekend rest time . The peak period , Li's overtime hours per month will exceed 100 Hours , The highest month is 2019 year 9 month , Overtime is up to 106 Hours .

With the long working hours , Li also gradually felt weak , The body often sweats . This bad signal did not attract Li's attention , And comfort my wife that it's OK .

2019 year 11 month , On the last day of Li's life , In the morning 8 Some go to work , Applied for two hours of overtime at noon , And applied for two hours of overtime after work .

In the evening , Li lie in bed after washing , I played with my cell phone for a while . In the middle of the night , Li suddenly felt unwell , He was not rescued after being sent to hospital .

The cause of death given by the hospital is “ sudden death ”. Last , Li's family sued the company to the court on the ground that the electronics factory was overloaded , Claim for compensation .

After nearly a year of appeal, the case , The court finally ordered the electronics factory to undertake 20% The responsibility of the .


The stupidest way is to work overtime to make money

Li Ka Shing once said :“ Working is the stupidest investment ”.

 Work overtime every month 100 Hours , Sudden death in the home of an electronic factory employee , The factory only undertakes 20% responsibility

The reason why I say this sentence , Li Ka Shing said , If a person makes money from his salary , Then all the money he can earn in his life can be calculated . To truly achieve financial freedom , It is necessary to continuously improve personal ability .

A lot of times , We chose the wrong channel to make money , I will be poor all my life . for instance : We work on the front line of the electronics factory , Even for an hour 30 element , A month's work 300 Hours , So a month's salary is just 9000 element . The salary is the most in a year 11 ten thousand ,30 I'll make it every year 330 Ten thousand yuan .

Need to know , To make that money , Then ask you to be here 30 Nothing can happen this year , You can't get sick . For a man of flesh and blood , How could it be ?

therefore , The way to make money is wrong , Even if we try to “ die ” I don't make much money at all , That's the reality .

Especially for the front-line posts with low technical content , These jobs even work 30 year , It's just a skilled worker , It's hard to make an exponential growth in personal earning power .

Now more and more people have noticed a saying :“ Investing in nothing is better than investing in yourself ”.

If a person will try to improve his time and spend all his time working overtime to make money , Then we may earn a little overtime in a short time , But we lost the chance to improve ourselves in the golden age .

So here comes the question , How to really improve yourself ?

The easiest way is “ Worship the mountain ”, Find someone who is doing very well in the industry , Follow him .

If we can't find our guide , Then you need to learn by yourself . There are two main ways of self-learning , One is to read more books , Try to learn from the experience of others , The other is to learn to take courses from professional teachers .

Never choose to work overtime when it's time to improve yourself !

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