Are you still using paid office software? It's going to be free
Drinking wine into the heart 2021-02-22 23:39:33

office It is an indispensable tool for modern office , But it's an indisputable fact that the fees are high . Here's the good news .
IT The home of 12 month 20 Daily news last year , Microsoft updated web edition Office Experience , Simplify the process of using the website , To help users get back to work faster . Today, , Microsoft announced that it will launch Windows 10 edition web office application , abbreviation Office, From now on Windows Insiders Fast track users have been able to download, install and use .

 You're still charging office Software? ? It's going to be free

Microsoft said , all-new Office The app will be free to users , And it can work with any Office 365 subscribe 、Office 2019、Office 2016 or Office Online Use it together . in addition , new edition Office Applications will replace My Office Applications , The latter currently helps users manage their Office 365 subscribe . Microsoft said , all-new Office The application will be gradually extended to all Windows 10 user . Already using existing My Office Users of the application will get new... When available through automatic updates Office Applications , Those who don't can download the app from the Microsoft Store . from 2019 Summer of , new Windows 10 The device will come with the installed Office Applications . According to the ZDNet reports , all-new Office Application is a gradual process Web Applications (PWA), At present, Microsoft related staff have confirmed this .

Of course, how long will it take , I'm not sure about that , But we just know the trend of the future .

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