Explain in detail with dimensional thinking model: what is ppt company?
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Now that PPT company , A lot of people think of the bag company the first time , I feel that such a company has nothing , I can only tell stories . But to be honest , We don't look down on companies like this , I hate myself, not the one who makes money PPT The owner of the company .

 Explain in detail with dimensional thinking model : What is? PPT company ?

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I like to think in terms of dimensions , In fact, the so-called PPT company , This PPT It's important , The underlying concept behind this is : The last mile of business . What is the last mile of business ? It means that if all the resources are available , The company is starting up , Companies can survive and make profits , This is the last kilometer .

 Explain in detail with dimensional thinking model : What is? PPT company ?

In fact, Xiaomi company , Apple Inc , At first it was all called PPT company , They don't make products themselves , Just believe in a business logic , It's done PPT To investors , Tell the supply chain , Tell it to users , After reaching a multi-party cooperation , Make your own company , Make money yourself , Let all supply chains , All investors , All users , Pay for your dreams .

Now let's focus on , Why can some young people achieve a sharp rise in value through venture capital , Overnight, the ugly duckling turned into a white swan . In fact, wealth has 5 Big dimension , Namely : Disposal right 、 Possession 、 ownership 、 Usufruct 、 Right to use . One of the most tangible rights , It's the right to use .

By the way, the trajectory of wealth , In fact, most of the money investors spend is not their own money , But some “ fund ”, The so-called fund is the deposit of ordinary people , In other words, the ownership of the Fund , In the hands of the common people , After the fund operator obtains the right to use the wealth , Find reliable projects , The right to use wealth , Give it to the entrepreneur . then , Ordinary people 、 Operator 、 Entrepreneur , Three parties share the right to gain wealth .

 Explain in detail with dimensional thinking model : What is? PPT company ?

After understanding this truth , Even if you have nothing , As long as you find one “ The last mile of business ”, You can put this logic through a PPT Say it , Nice talk , You get money, you get resources, you get employees .

worth , It's not how much money you make , It's about how many resources you're at the center of .

You don't need to have wealth , The so-called possession , It means ownership of wealth , This power is of little use ?

Let's just use one PPT, From the rich , Just take the right to use the wealth .

for instance , You're going to open a hot pot shop .

Since you're going to drive , You must be ready to take responsibility for the results , That is to say, you have believed that this hot pot shop is going to be profitable . Now that you have believed that this store will be profitable , Then you tell the rich people your logic , You can get the money , So why spend your own money to open a shop ? I can't think .

It's very simple , If investors don't trust you enough , Here you can use leverage , For example, you have 5 ten thousand , Investors give 50 ten thousand , If the shop loses money, it will lose its own money first , If you make money, let the investor return the capital first , In this way, your disposable resources will be enlarged 10 times , That's the lever .

 Explain in detail with dimensional thinking model : What is? PPT company ?

And what you need to do , It's about making sure the store is profitable , And this thing , Whether you're spending your own money or not , You're responsible for everything , So since we have to be responsible for ourselves anyway , Then why not spend other people's money , And spend your own money ? and , Whose money it cost , Who cares about your store , Your shop doesn't make money , Investors also have headaches , Be careful , There are more headaches for your store , You'll have a lot less headaches .

For example, if you buy Apple Stock , You'll want to sell more iPhones , Increase the value of your stock , Logic is so simple .

In fact, we can go further , The so-called fund , Who sold it ? Of course, it's the banks that sell it , here , Fund companies use the bank's endorsement of trust , Why? ? Because there's a bet between the fund company and the bank : You help me sell funds , I'll take the big one , You take the big money . This is the leverage between fund companies and banks .

What about here? , The routine of fund companies , Just like the routine of opening a hot pot shop mentioned above , It's the same .

All of these , And all PPT The company's routine , It's the same : Use one PPT Tell a story , Then leverage wealth .

Wealth has 5 Great rights , Each interest has its own 6 Kind of function , Pay attention to me , Continuous updating .

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