Ten hot topics of "I ask two sessions" have come. What are Hainan people paying attention to?
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New Hainan client 、 South China Sea network 、 Nanguo Metropolis Daily 1 month 19 Daily news ( The reporter Huang Ting The intern Wang Chunying ) People's livelihood has no small matter , The branches and leaves are always concerned !2021 Hainan in “ The two sessions ” The meeting is just around the corner , New Hainan client 、 South China Sea network 、 Nanguo Metropolis Daily opened “ I asked about the two sessions ” The column , Accept the vast number of readers 、 Suggestions from netizens . After the opening of the program, it has attracted wide attention , People leave messages on topics they are concerned about .

2021 year , What aspects of development do Hainan people pay most attention to ? The reporter sorted out ten hot topics . New Hainan client 、 South China Sea network 、 The reporter of Nanguo Metropolis Daily will bring these hot topics to the whole province “ The two sessions ”, Let deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference have a deeper understanding of social conditions and public opinions , Make better suggestions for the construction of Hainan free trade port . Let's take a look at the ten hot topics that Hainan people are paying attention to !

“ I asked about the two sessions ” Ten hot topics are coming , Look at what Hainan people are focusing on ?

Electric cars are in order . The reporter Lin Shitang taken

One 、 Further strengthen the management of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have become one of the main means of transportation for people's daily travel , More than ten netizens suggested improving the management of electric vehicles .

Net friend “ A servant of two masters ” It is suggested to strengthen the scientific management of electric vehicles in Haikou .“ At present, electric cars are too fast per hour , At the same time, most streets are occupied by sidewalks and mixed with pedestrians , For example, Guomao road 、 Jinlong Road 、 Yusha Road, etc , There are huge hidden dangers to pedestrian safety , And the traffic is chaotic .” The netizen said .

Net friend “ Don't want to grow up ” Express , At present, Haikou electric vehicles can not be licensed , The new electric car is afraid to go on the road , It limits the demand for some people to travel by electric car , It is suggested that the relevant departments should start the license plate work of electric vehicles as soon as possible .“ We can consider taking measures like car to shake the horn , On the one hand, it controls the population , On the one hand, it can meet the travel needs of citizens .”

“ I asked about the two sessions ” Ten hot topics are coming , Look at what Hainan people are focusing on ?

Haikou middle school students sit and bend forward . Wang Wenzhong taken

Two 、 Looking forward to a higher level of basic education

Good education makes children have a brighter future ! Many parents 、 Netizens pay attention to the development of basic education in Hainan .“ In the past two years, Hainan has made great efforts to introduce a lot of high-quality educational resources , Hainan's basic education has been greatly improved , I hope Hainan's education will go to a higher level in the future .” Wang Min, a citizen of Haikou, said .

Net friend “ Kaiyuan ” Express , There are many new large residential areas near Yingbin Avenue in Haikou , I hope to build a public school nearby , It's convenient for children around to go to school .

“ At present, the development of high school education in some cities and counties is unbalanced , The development of township high schools has encountered many difficulties , recruit students 、 Go to school 、 The situation of teachers is not optimistic .” A netizen suggested , The government has issued corresponding policies to support the development of township high schools , Such as increasing investment , Improve the conditions for running schools , Introduce and retain a group of excellent teachers .

Net friend “ AI te & Zihui ” It is suggested to improve the treatment and welfare of temporary teachers in primary and secondary schools , To achieve equal pay for equal work with teachers in the Department .

3、 ... and 、 Regulate parking fees

Some citizens 、 Netizens suggested standardizing parking charges .

“ Two years ago Haikou introduced new parking regulations ,20 Free parking in minutes , It's more convenient to park in Haikou .” Haikou citizen sun Yong said , There are still some parking lots with irregular charges , Such as , Don't take the initiative to provide invoices , Car owners often refuse to ask for invoices .

“ Parking fees are not uniform in many places , Some parking lots charge indiscriminately , Some stop for more than an hour 15 element , Ridiculously high , Nobody cares . Net friend “ Ha ha ha hi ” Express .

Four 、 We will increase penalties for illegal driving on expressways

In recent days, , Traffic accidents caused by illegal driving on expressways in many places outside the province affect netizens , Some netizens 、 The public suggested that the penalties for illegal driving on Hainan expressway should be strengthened .

Net friend “ Yang Shiqing ” Express , On the freeway, we often see large trucks driving off the right , Some agricultural four-wheel vehicles also go on high speed illegally , I hope we can strengthen the management in this aspect .

Mr. Chen, a citizen of Sanya, suggested strengthening the management of Expressway's occupying emergency lane and illegal lane changing .

5、 ... and 、 Environmental sanitation needs to be improved

The environment is connected with you, me and him , Protecting the environment depends on everyone .“ Garbage cans on the street , There are still a lot of people who don't have the habit of sorting and throwing garbage .” Ms. Li, a Haikou citizen, suggested that environmental awareness education be strengthened .

Net friend “ A servant of two masters ” Express , In the area of Haikou international trade, it is common to defecate and drown on the streets , It is suggested that management be strengthened .

Ms. Fu from Tunchang said , Rural health environment needs to be improved , It is suggested to strengthen the environmental health education for villagers , Popularize the knowledge of garbage classification .

6、 ... and 、 Further stabilize prices 、 People's livelihood

“ Vegetable basket ”“ supply of grain for the public ” It's about families , Some netizens 、 Readers suggest that government departments further stabilize prices 、 People's livelihood .

“ These two years , Haikou's vegetable prices are relatively stable , There is no big price increase during the Spring Festival , People's vegetable baskets are even fuller .” Haikou citizen Ms. Feng said , But compared with the average income of Hainan people , Hainan's overall prices are still a little high , I hope the government can make efforts to reduce prices , Let the people have a sense of gain .

“ I asked about the two sessions ” Ten hot topics are coming , Look at what Hainan people are focusing on ?

General practitioners help primary health services . Hainan Daily Yuan Chen taken

7、 ... and 、 I hope it's more convenient for the grassroots to see a doctor

In recent years , Hainan tries its best to solve the problem of expensive medical service 、 It's hard to see a doctor , People's medical experience has been greatly improved . Many netizens hope that , In the future, we will not only be able to take good care of patients in large hospitals , It's also more convenient to see a doctor at the grassroots level .

“ Minor illness can be treated at home , A slightly serious illness needs to be treated in Haikou .” Mr. Lin of Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County said , Now the medical level of Qiongzhong is still poor , I hope I can continue to improve in the future .

“ The regional distribution of medical resources in Haikou is not very balanced , The medical level of community hospitals is limited , It's not very convenient to see a doctor .” Mr. Lu, who lives in Swan Bay in Haikou, hopes to build a large hospital in Jiangdong District , I hope the level of community medical service can be further improved .

8、 ... and 、 We will increase the construction of venues for young people's extracurricular activities

With the improvement of material living standards , People's spiritual and cultural needs are growing . Many netizens and readers suggested strengthening the construction of cultural and entertainment facilities and soft environment .

“ I don't think there are many bookstores in Sanya , There are not many kinds of books in bookstores .” A Sanya citizen suggested , Pay attention to the construction of physical bookstores , Create a good reading atmosphere and learning environment .

“ After the children's holiday , I hope to take him to some cultural palaces 、 Science and Technology Museum play , But , There are too few cultural places like Haikou .” Net friend “SHine -ing” It is suggested that Haikou should strengthen the construction of off campus activity places for teenagers .

Nine 、 Make up for the weakness of social security for the new business type practitioners

By express, brother 、 Online contract 、 The new type of workers represented by Daijia, etc , Has become an integral part of public social life . However , These new business practitioners often “ I'm looking forward to it ”, Many new business practitioners hope that deputies to the National People's Congress 、 CPPCC members can come up with constructive proposals , Help new business type workers get the right to enjoy social security .

Net friend “ Work hard ~” Express , I've been a takeout boy for three years , So far, neither the outsourcing company nor the takeout platform has insured him .“ I'm doing this job with my heart , I hope I can enjoy five insurances and one fund earlier as other professions .”

Ten 、 Improve the setting and management of traffic lights

Small traffic lights maintain the normal operation of a city . Ms. Xu, a citizen of Haikou, suggested improving the setting of traffic lights .“ Haikou traffic lights are inefficient , Some traffic lights are set unreasonably , Waiting too long for the red light leads to the phenomenon of electric vehicles running through the red light , In improving the efficiency of road traffic , I hope relevant departments can make a difference .” She said .

Net friend “ To nag D” Express , The setting of traffic light intervals in some sections of Haikou is unreasonable , So pedestrians can only run red lights . For example, the green light of a sidewalk on Longkun south road is very short , Sometimes it takes running to get through , It is suggested to add traffic light countdown .

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“ I asked about the two sessions ” Ten hot topics are coming , Look at what Hainan people are focusing on ?

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