I stepped on 8 pits in KOL operation and shared some practical skills!
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Key opinion leaders (Key Opinion Leader, abbreviation KOL) It's a marketing concept , It is usually defined as : Have more 、 More accurate product information , And accepted or trusted by relevant groups , People who have great influence on the purchasing behavior of the group .

Key opinion leaders are usually authoritative people in a certain industry or field , To put it more simply, it's an expert , In information dissemination , They don't rely on their own activity , It's easy to recognize and recognize .kol The top soul users in the user operation pyramid mentioned to me are not the same thing , Soul users are the spokesmen of the platform , One in a hundred , loyalty 、 Activity level 、 Quality 、 The awareness of the platform will be stronger , In a way , The temperament of the soul user represents the temperament of the platform .kol Not necessarily soul users , Soul users don't have to be kol, The operating cost of soul users will be higher , It's more difficult , It takes longer . But in terms of operation , different approaches but equally satisfactory results .

kol There are only two sources of operation : PULL 、 To cultivate . Pulling users is just a way to bring in users , Here we are , It also takes a lot of time to maintain , Help users familiarize themselves with how to play the platform , And stay as much as possible . Training requires a pair of eyes that are good at digging , In fact, there are potential stocks everywhere , You don't look for it , And make them shine , They're hiding .

 I am here kol In the course of operation 8 It's a pit , And share some practical skills !

Let's talk about it today , I am here kol Some experience in the operation process :

One 、 PULL kol , Persistence is the key

PULL kol, First of all, you must choose the best , First of all, we should learn to identify the best , We are looking for the most suitable platform for you 、 It's in line with your psychological orientation , Not necessarily the highest ranked 、 Pick up ready made .

I am here 2007 I've been trying to pull people since 1949 , There are many writers among them 、 beauty 、 model 、 Video photographer 、 Internet celebrity , wait , Many of them are kol. At that time, these people were very few , Once excellent , We all have bright eyes .

Maopu was very hot at that time , But I'm responsible for a small number of users , Just begin to do “ True me show ”( It can be understood as the predecessor of the current anchor ) when , They told me that there are so many beautiful women , As a result, the total number of people in this section is less than one day 6、7 A post , Can't , I have to go everywhere .

I went to Tianya community , As a result, Tianya's private letter was very bad at that time , It's hard to pay attention to me , It turns out that people stay very well , The success rate is almost 100% 0. The most impressive , There was a very popular Xiao Yun in those years , I was the first to pull the cat to send a post, also did an interview , I didn't do the interview that led to Tianya .

Go to poco、 Pacific model zone 、QQ Blog, etc , Go to literature website 、 Vertical community has been a writer 、 Go to the video website to get photographers ...... After slowly finding the feeling , There is a kind of “ treat worthy men with courtesy , throughout the empire all hearts turned to him ” The feeling of , In fact, the success rate , The highest time is no more than 30%-40%.

In fact, it's just a little bit of persistence , Zhang Xinyu 、 Yang Mi 、 William Feng 、 Tiffany tang 、 Babel and the stars , When I first became famous , We did the interview . When Sister Feng was on fire , We are the first company to do Internet interview .

 I am here kol In the course of operation 8 It's a pit , And share some practical skills !

later , Micro-blog and WeChat official account two fires. , I've done the same thing , When the success rate is the worst , Ten people 9 One and a half refused me .

Two 、 Cultivate users , Set play and spend more time

I'm always good at cultivating users , Because I have good patience , Later honed a number of small ideas and skills , In fact, it's just that I can endure better than most people 、 It's just that I can stick to it .kpi Over oriented companies , It's hard to cultivate this kind of mind .

The so-called birds of a feather flock together , Where there are many experts , Naturally, more and more people will gather , The key is from 0 To 1 This is the most difficult process . It's good to find one , It's better to dig it out by yourself , Make sure you understand why they can make a commitment with you , Can your methods and means be replicated to more people .

And then there's the play , In fact, user operation , In the final analysis, it is nothing more than setting a way to play for users , Or a variety of ways to play . Operating personnel , More from the perspective of platform , Make rules 、 constraint 、 incentive , Consider copying and exploring new ways to play .

Who is good to him , He'll follow , That's what users do . image kol Users at this level , Even more so , If you don't want to spend time with users at all , Go deep , There's no possibility of doing it well . You need to understand the needs of each of them , Understand their characteristics , The more top , The harder to serve , What's in your hand kol The more , The more time and energy you spend .

3、 ... and 、 Good users are touted , How to hold ?

Bring out potential stimulation , Let the powerful users be more powerful , First, let more users know on your platform , Then help him to let everyone outside know . Good users come out of it , Instead of waiting .

That year 《 The past of the tomb robbers in Xinjiang 》 It's a very popular novel , The author is jade squirrel , His serial novels were re published in those years , Give the best recommendation , Give him more encouragement , He can be more motivated to write . He told me the other day , His novel is already on TV . I'm happy for him, too .

 I am here kol In the course of operation 8 It's a pit , And share some practical skills !

In fact, each of them kol They all have their uniqueness , We need to be tailored , For different people , Give a unique label , Find different packaging points . For example, the same beauty , Some have star faces , Like Fan Bingbing , Some have breasts , Some are talented . Some of them are beautiful , But I can't remember the beautiful ones , Then we have to work on the event .

Another important job , Call the user to land , In fact, it is to use some daily accumulated platforms and tools , Here comes the man , Need to take over , Help him build authority , For example, using special topics 、 Interview and so on .

Talk about where I am kol Problems encountered in operation

In fact, there are many pitfalls in this respect , Here are just a few things that I think are more important , To sum up , I hope it will help you in your work :

1、 Large platform , It doesn't mean it's easy ; Small platform , It doesn't mean you can't do it

I work here 12 In the year , The platforms I have stayed on are not small platforms , I never felt that way kol It's easy to operate . Large platform , No one else care you . Maybe you don't have enough budget . Even if you have money , You may have spent a lot of money , A product was a famous singer named a peak to the pit .

Small platform , Or you are responsible for a small module of work , As long as you care , Can also make achievements . Even if the chance of success is low , Contact one group a week , There will always be several successes , Accumulate , And improve the methods and ideas , After measuring , All of them are considerable . If you think it is necessary to insist on this , The direction is right , Then stick to it .

2、 Did not consider the other side's demands clearly

I used to spend a lot of time on Sina Weibo , Hard to pull a lot of users , Even if the probability of failure reaches 90%, Still insist on the same , In the end, I saved a lot , When it really comes in handy , But I found it was useless , There is only one left 2 example . And then sum up , In fact, I didn't consider the other party's needs clearly .

These users already have a lot of fans , And I'm more familiar with this platform , He is familiar with the play and routine , And he can make steady money . You asked him to open a new site , With what ?

A lot now kol, It's to the point where money can't move you , Because he doesn't have time , No more .

later , I found that I couldn't pry these, either kol, Finally give up completely , It's a new way of thinking .

3、 Pull people directly from the spire

Pull people directly from the spire , No, no, no , He who has wealth speaks louder than others 、 After all, there are only a few companies that take money to kill you , Let's mainly discuss it from the perspective of cost saving or no spending .

General users of a platform , such as TOP50 Users of , It's hard to pull away , You're going to hit a lot of snags . But not necessarily in the back , such as 100-500 Of , Because a lot of people are late entrants , Or they're not convinced at all 、 not reconciled to , They want to have their own stage , Just try , You will feel excellent . You just need to spend more time and time , We are sure to make a breakthrough , You can find a lot of good ones .

4、kol It must be in line with the brand positioning of your platform

Introduction and Cultivation kol It helps to enhance the value of the platform , Introduce the wrong kol No help to value , It may even hurt the value of your platform .

Now let's reflect , Some Internet Celebrities in maopu's hands at that time , In fact, value is not beneficial , Some even make the platform lose a bad reputation . I will not give any examples of this .

5、 Stars are not necessarily for you kol

Stars are definitely the biggest category at the moment kol, Everyone knows they have the most fans , But no one knows that they are expensive , We had a third tier singer before , Spring micro blog 、 Attend a press conference , It took 30 ten thousand , As for the effect , beg to differ . Also invited a hot guy as a spokesman , It cost millions , Conversion rate , It's no better than that .

Which platforms do stars have high loyalty to ? Will he help you publicize from the bottom of his heart ? To understand this question , I think we can solve the problem .

6、 There is no mechanism , help kol Promoting activity

kol On your platform , If there are not enough footholds , He is sure to be lost .

Operators have an important job , It's about setting up a mechanism , For example, recommend 、 incentive 、 constraint 、 Rules and regulations , wait , In fact, it's all about laying a foundation , Otherwise, the best users will come , You can't catch it either .

A lot of products that are in the limelight for a while but are short-lived , In fact, there are serious shortcomings in this area .

7、 Product features can't keep up

A product , Meeting the needs of all users 1.0, A lot of products , Especially community products , Function iteration in the future , In fact, they are designed to meet the needs of core users .

kol operating , It also needs product support , Product means and operation means should be combined organically , To be more efficient .

8、 Full development and utilization kol The growth stage of

Any one of them kol, No platform can satisfy his life cycle ( bud 、 grow up 、 mature 、 decline 、 Extinction ) All conditions of . Like the cat puff of those days , A lot of people were flattered , But when they're completely red , It's time to say goodbye to us , Because we can't give him more value . When chopsticks brothers in maopu ( Chopsticks brother is an old cat mopper) Fried 《 Memoirs of male Geisha 》, No fire , Later on 《 The old boy 》 became angry , After being famous , The platform is of little value to them .

The works of Yi Xiaoxing ,2005、2006 It's a big hit in maopu , The video called beast is a classic among classics , The mask is a great sign , Wanhetianyi 、《 Never in my wildest dreams 》 After the fire , Wechat friends have deleted me /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~. Take it as usual !

 I am here kol In the course of operation 8 It's a pit , And share some practical skills !

kol It's the best way to control and control the growth period , Because they need you , After maturity , Operating costs will be high , Because you're going to ask them . therefore , We are growing up , More investment , Explore more routines , And get what you need , Build a deep friendship with them , relatively speaking , The cost will be lower .


Now the division of labor in the operation industry is more and more detailed , Higher and higher requirements , If you want to be a good operator , presumably kol You can't escape this link .

Of course, in the specific implementation process , There will be more problems , Only one article , It won't help you solve all your doubts , You can become a master in a minute . The key lies in practice , summary .

Hope the above words , After reading, it can help you , Even one point , Something for you , That's enough .

author : Class , Bestsellers 《 Operation notes 》 author , front 360 Mobile phone fan operation director 、 Director of product operation of maopu.com 、 KuWo music product director . official account “ There is something to say about category ”(ID:leileitalk520).

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