Registration process of WeChat official account (subscription number)
Jackie 2021-02-22 23:06:02
It took me a week to write this article word by word , Suitable for 0 The beginning of Xiaobai , I hope I can help you . There's no need to look down on the great God level .

Public platform subscription number , It's an account type of public platform , Designed to provide users with information .

1、 It can be sent every day 1 A group message .

2、 Messages to subscribers , It will be shown on the other side's “ Subscription number ” In the folder .

3、 In the subscriber's address book , The subscription number will be placed in the subscription number folder .

The first 1 Step : The official account is registered

 WeChat official account ( Subscription number ) Registration process

No official account 4 Two account types , You should choose to register according to your own conditions and needs .( As a reminder , Be sure to choose to register again , Because it can't be changed after registration .)

The first 1 Kind of : Subscription number

Suitable for individuals and the media , It can be used to publish and disseminate information .

The first 2 Kind of : Service number

Suitable for businesses and organizations , Ability to manage and provide business services .

The first 3 Kind of : Enterprise WeChat ( Original enterprise number )

Suitable for businesses and organizations , Internally, it can make the internal work of the enterprise more efficient , External connection 12 100 million WeChat users .

The first 4 Kind of : Applet

Suitable for enterprises and organizations with service content to register , It can be more easily obtained and disseminated .

Here is a detailed description of the steps to register with a personal subscription number .

Registration procedure :

Computer web search wechat public platform .

 WeChat official account ( Subscription number ) Registration process

Click on the official search results .

On the registration page, click Select 【 Subscription number 】( Subscription numbers are suitable for individuals and media )

 WeChat official account ( Subscription number ) Registration process

Click on 【 Subscription number 】 After entering the registration page , Fill in your email account number , And then click 【 Activate email 】, Fill in random verification code , Click again 【 Send E-mail 】( notes : A mailbox can only register one account )

 WeChat official account ( Subscription number ) Registration process

5. After opening your mailbox , There will be one. “ Activate your wechat public account ” Open it and find the verification code sent to you by wechat , Copy down .

 WeChat official account ( Subscription number ) Registration process

And then return to the official account registration page. , Fill in the email verification code , Set the login password .

Then check it out. 【 I agree to abide by it 】 The agreement , Click registration .

Then select your location in the new page ( In mainland China ), Pull the page to the bottom and click 【 determine 】.

Then select the account type to register , I suggest you choose 【 Subscription number 】, Click to select the subscription number and a confirmation pop-up will appear , Just click 【 determine 】.

Then select the principal type 【 personal 】. It will appear after a good choice 【 Subject information registration 】

, Prepare the front and back pictures of your ID card , Fill in the real name and ID number. , And then use their own real name authentication micro signal scanning administrator authentication two-dimensional code .

After scanning QR code on wechat , You will be prompted to confirm the identity of the administrator , Click on 【 I confirm and abide by the agreement 】, Then wechat will prompt you that you have been authenticated , Click on 【 determine 】, What we need to do on our mobile phones is done .

Well, that's all for today , Next time, let's talk about the basic operation of the account . Thank you for your attention !