The official account of WeChat public has become a network pyramid selling platform. Over 1 months, it has developed over 10000 people.
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today , Reporter from the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce held a meeting 2017“ Red shield net sword ” Special law enforcement action practice publicity meeting , This year, 2 Month to 7 Six months 2017 Zhejiang “ Red shield net sword ” Special law enforcement action , We investigated and dealt with a number of Internet violations of intellectual property rights 、 Illegal advertisement 、 False propaganda 、 Scrambled letters 、 Consumer fraud 、 Commodity quality 、 Network pyramid selling and other major cases disturbing the economic order of network trading market , Check related websites 5.7 Ten thousand times , Put on record and investigate all kinds of network illegal cases 3819 Pieces of , Closing 2638 Pieces of , One of the major cases 1320 Pieces of , The amounts 3.487 One hundred million yuan , Fines and confiscations 4680 More than ten thousand yuan , Transfer to public security organs 80 rise , Shut down illegal websites ( Online store )13349 individual . Brush letter 、 Counterfeiting 、 Internet MLM , It is still the top priority of special law enforcement actions .

WeChat official account for pyramid selling platform , More than 10000 people joined

This year, 1 month , Suichang County Market Supervision Bureau inspection team received consumer complaints , The quality of goods sold by an e-commerce company in Zhejiang Province through the Internet is poor , Request for return . During the communication with the complainants , The Bureau found that the e-commerce company's marketing methods were suspected of organizing pyramid schemes , Put on file for investigation .

 WeChat official account for MLM platform ,1 More than ten thousand people have been off the production line in one month

After the check , Parties in 2016 year 12 month 20 Day of operation “ Super cloud in one platform ” WeChat official account ( The abbreviation “ platform ”), During this period, I bought a lot of clothes 、 Household appliances 、 Local specialties and other products , Selling goods to customers through official account . To promote the sale of goods , Improve the enthusiasm of consumers to buy goods and recommend platform to others , The client designed “ Third tier distribution ” Pattern : That is, customers become members of the platform after WeChat's official account of the platform. , After members purchase products on the platform , Free consumption amount 150% And become “ Salesmen ”, At the same time, get the qualification of recommending subordinate members . The company is right “ Salesmen ” Implement the three-level rebate model ,“ Salesmen ” Get the consumption amount of the next three levels of members 10%、8%、5% Bonus points rebate , Points and cash implementation 1︰1 exchange , Points can be withdrawn daily 1% And collect 10% Service Charge , You can also exchange goods on the platform . Until the time of the crime , The platform has developed members 10706 individual 、“ Salesmen ”3039 individual , Realize the sales of platform products 759 Ten thousand yuan , Withdrawal of points and cash 639 Ten thousand yuan .

In order to promote the sale of goods , Participants are required to be eligible by purchasing goods , To lure the participants to continue to develop and others to participate by developing offline to get rebate , Form up and down line relationship , And calculate and pay the online payment based on the consumption amount of the offline on the platform , Constitute the 《 Prohibition of pyramid schemes 》 Article 7, paragraph 1 ( Two ) term 、 The first ( 3、 ... and ) term 、《 Opinions on the application of law in handling criminal cases of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities 》 Implementation of Article 5, paragraph 1 “ Team pay ” Pyramid selling behavior .2017 year 6 month 27 Japan , Basis of market supervision bureau of Suichang County 《 Prohibition of pyramid schemes 》 And so on , Fine the party concerned 20 Ten thousand yuan .

Interpretation of industry and Commerce : With the wide use of wechat , A new way of pyramid selling is also breeding . Wechat MLM often takes the form of joining members 、 Invest in original stock 、 Distribution of goods 、 Under the guise of setting up micro stores, etc , Bring hidden worries to the healthy development of wechat business circle , At the same time, it is often accompanied by illegal fund-raising and fraud , It's very deceptive , More harmful , We should pay close attention to it .

“ Quick push Wizard ” One million empty packets

This year, 2 month 16 Japan , When the market supervision bureau of Xihu District inspected a network technology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou , Find out what the company is running “ Quick push Wizard ” The website is empty . After the check , The parties make false transactions by means of empty package logistics on the quick push spirit empty package network , Enhance business reputation for businesses , Respectively by 1.95 element / single 、2.7 element / single 、1.7 element / Single price to buy express every day 、 Yuantong Express 、 Empty package logistics number of Quanfeng Express , And then they were divided into two groups 2.1 element / single 、3.05 element / single 、2.05 element / The agent price of the order is the logistics order number of the empty package . since 2016 year 3 Month to 2017 year 2 month , Quick push wizard empty packet network platform 2286 home , Registration brush 1947 individual , Release empty package logistics task 106 Thousands of single , Amount involved in empty package Logistics 229 Ten thousand yuan ,“ Brush flow ” Amount involved 343 Ten thousand yuan , Which involves Jingdong platform brush traffic 133 Ten thousand yuan , Taobao platform brush traffic 210 Ten thousand yuan .

 WeChat official account for MLM platform ,1 More than ten thousand people have been off the production line in one month

The conduct of the parties , A violation of the 《 Measures for the administration of online transactions 》 Relevant provisions of .4 month 5 Japan , The market supervision bureau of Xihu District fined it according to the law 10.8 Ten thousand yuan .

Interpretation of industry and Commerce :“ Stir fried letter ” Through fictitious transactions 、 Remove adverse evaluation and other forms to enhance the business reputation of network operators , Network integrity has been seriously impacted , More cheating and misleading consumers , Influence consumers' judgment of business reputation . After last year, the industry and Commerce Bureau of Zhejiang Province took the lead in cracking down “ Stir fried letter ” illegal activities , This year, we will continue to carry out in-depth and severe crackdowns , Good social effects have been achieved . Governance of network dishonesty , It's not just the responsibility of regulators , Also need express logistics and other related industries “ A totally ”.

“ Overseas purchasing ” Sold fake goods for hundreds of thousands of yuan

This year, 4 month 11 Japan , Pinghu City Market Supervision Bureau found that it was playing online on Taobao platform “ Purchasing genuine products ”、“ Overseas purchasing ” Cover , Offline printing through counterfeit trademark and packaging 、 The whole chain of producing and selling counterfeit brand clothing , The counterfeit crocodile was seized on the spot 、 Burberry 、 Gucci 、 Givenchy 、 Timberland 、 UNIQLO and other international famous brand clothing 2000 More than , Fake logo, tag and package 5000 More than .

After the check , The client, Mei 2016 Since then , Without authorization of trademark owner , Entrust a printing factory and other enterprises in Pinghu City to print well-known brand trademarks without authorization ; Unauthorized entrustment of Pinghu Garment Co., Ltd 、 Jiashan Clothing Co., Ltd. and other enterprises produce counterfeit brands for it T T-shirt 、 Jacket and other clothing 2080 Pieces of . Then , Mei through its business in Taobao “julie_gly”、“ Xiaojie genuine products ”、“ Cherry Blossom path _32”、“ Xiaowei ” Wait for online shop , With “ Purchasing genuine products ”、“ Overseas purchasing ” Nominal external sales , Total sales 1184 Pieces of , Total sales amount 298410 element . meanwhile , Mei also bought a large number of counterfeit goods at low prices from other places through wechat BURBERRY、MONCLER And so on , Through its opening “ Laomei ready to wear ” Wait for Taobao online store to sell . As of the crime , The parties involved in the manufacture and sale of counterfeit clothing involve more than 10 international well-known trademarks , Total amount of illegal business 60 More than ten thousand yuan .

According to relevant regulations , The behavior of the party concerned and the counterfeiting enterprise has been suspected of a crime , The case was filed on 6 month 6 Transfer to public security department , Currently on bail 4 people , The case is under further investigation .

Interpretation of industry and Commerce : In recent years , The rise of overseas purchasing agency , Some illegal businessmen have seen this “ Business opportunities ”, Started “ Fake purchase ” Of “ "Dirty" ” business . The investigation and treatment of this case are in conflict “ Purchasing genuine products ”、“ Overseas purchasing ” Illegal businessmen in disguise , From the offline production and online sales of counterfeit goods, the whole chain was investigated and dealt with , It's a deterrent to illegal businessmen .

 WeChat official account for MLM platform ,1 More than ten thousand people have been off the production line in one month

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