How much is the profit of a video with 410000 players and 5000 fans? What are the key indicators
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 A video 41 Wan play , Adding powder 5000 How much do people earn ? What are the key indicators

How can a video fire , This is something that many we media people are very concerned about . Although there are many courses on this aspect in the official headlines , But what kind of data is good , Many people may not know .

Today I'd like to share with you , My own recent good traffic video data , For your reference . The release time of this video is 2020 year 12 month 8 Japan , end 1 month 11 Japan , What's the amount of play 41 ten thousand . Let's take a look at the detailed data in this screenshot , Let me talk about it one by one .

First , It's the amount of display , The amount of display is 695.9 ten thousand , The so-called display volume is also the recommendation volume in the background . There is a data index in the process from recommendation to playback , It's called click through rate , The hit rate of my video is 5.9%. In general, a better click through rate can achieve 10% about , Including the official platform .

But this data is not absolute , Able to 10% Of course, the click through rate is very good , even 2% The click through rate of , Traffic can also be very large , I had a lot of videos before , The broadcast volume has reached more than 100000 , But the click through rate of 2% about , The lowest is 1.5%.

According to my account number , Click rate can do 6% The above , It shows that the title is very good . The title and cover are the first step to show our video content , Only when users see your title will they be interested in clicking in to watch .

After you click on the video , The remaining very important indicator is the average playback completion rate , You can take a look at my data , The completion rate is 43.8%, This data should be at the median level , Not good , It's not too bad , I have hundreds of thousands of videos , But the completion rate is only over 30% .

Then why is the completion rate low , The traffic can go up , It has something to do with your topic , Some topics have a wide range of users , Relatively easy to get high traffic , So when we do content , Think about what you're doing , Is the user coverage wide enough .

Another indicator corresponding to the playback completion rate is the average playback time , These two indicators should be looked at together , It's not that the higher your completion rate, the better , Because the duration of different videos is different . For example, some video duration can have 20 minute , The same is 40% The playback completion rate of , The corresponding playing time is much longer , From a platform perspective , Of course, the longer the playback time, the better , Because in this way, the user stickiness will be higher .

 A video 41 Wan play , Adding powder 5000 How much do people earn ? What are the key indicators

therefore , If you make videos on the headline platform , The length of the content must be greater than 3 minute , This is the minimum standard , The best length of time is to control 6 Minutes or more ,10 Below minute . For now ,10 There are not many people who can still be popular with more than 20 minutes of video , Basically concentrated on some accounts signed by the platform , The quality of the content is really good , It's hard for ordinary writers to control 10 More than 20 minutes of video , In especial 15 More than 20 minutes of video .

Now let's look at another indicator , Fans show and fans play , This indicator is very important , Because it's about whether your fans like your content , The amount of fan reading is directly related to your income , Because the unit price of fan reading is much higher than that of non fan reading .

Now let's take a look at the data that you are most concerned about , That's the payoff . The total playback of this video is 41 ten thousand , The creative benefits are 2127 element , that 1 The unit price of ten thousand is 51.8 Yuan . This unit price is lower than the overall unit price of my account , The overall unit price of my account is 70 element .

Let's take a closer look at the creative income. There are two components , One is called basic income , One is called subsidy income , Why these two benefits , It's about telling the Creator , Your original benefit is 1834 element , be left over Of 293 Yuan is our subsidy to you , let me put it another way , The benefits of subsidies , I can get it back at any time .

Of course , This money platform will not take it back at will , But no one can guarantee that the platform will develop better and better in the future , In case the business doesn't do well , Less profit margin , Then, after taking back this part of the subsidy income , It can reduce the financial pressure very well .

 A video 41 Wan play , Adding powder 5000 How much do people earn ? What are the key indicators

That's all , Let's take a look at the fan data , This video has gone up 5614 people , What's the point of powder dropping 98 people , The number of people who rose in the end was 5516 people , The playback conversion rate is 1.35%, in other words ,100 I personally watched this video , There are about 1.35 Personal attention to you , This index is very high , More than the 92% The same kind of work , The higher the number is , The more the user likes your content , More Than This , Users also hope to see more similar works from you . Since users like your work , Then the platform will definitely strongly recommend your works .

The last part is interactive data , This video is more interactive than 84% The same kind of work . These interactions include the number of comments , Number of likes , Forwarding number , Number of shares , And the number of collections .

Here I want to repeat the number of comments , It's not that the more comments you have, the better , If it's all negative comments , The platform may suppress your works in the second audit , Generally, there is no backstage notification for this crackdown , So you may find , My content was a while ago , There's a lot of recommendations , Suddenly it stopped .

Why share this data with you , Because I think a lot of people are doing videos , They often don't have a correct understanding of their own content , I always think the content I do is very good , Is a video content of high quality , You didn't say it yourself , It's decided by the user , From the click through rate to the playing time , And then to the number of fans growing , Interaction number , These can directly reflect the quality of your content .

Even if you're a new account , Account weight is not high , The amount of recommendations is not that big , Even if it's only one or two thousand readings , You can still judge the quality of your content from the data . therefore , Don't live in your own world , We media is a process of constant adjustment and optimization .
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