People's Daily Comments on "live broadcast with goods": activate consumption
Miss Ni 2021-02-22 22:55:29

 People's daily commented on “ Live delivery ”: Activate consumption, a pool of spring water

During this period ,“ Live delivery ” Become a hot word for consumption .4 month 15 Japan , Hubei province 30 The head of a county is in the studio “ Make a list for Hubei ”; The vice mayor of Haiyang City, Yantai, Shandong Province initiated “ Dr. mayor helps produce ”, Breakthrough in video playback 200 ten thousand ; meanwhile , Some public figures “ Live delivery ” The volume of transactions is constantly breaking records .“ Live delivery ” As a new type of online consumption , Under the background of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, more and more people are in favor of it .

lately , The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to emphasize that ,“ Keep online new consumption hot ”.“ Live delivery ”、 Online group buying 、 Online education …… Epidemic prevention and control period , New online consumption patterns are emerging , To a certain extent, it makes up for the lack of offline consumption , It has played a role in expanding domestic demand 、 The role of promoting consumption , And show a strong vitality . With “ Live delivery ” Come into fashion , More users are flocking to the studio , Try live shopping ; More entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs have begun to capture new consumption hot spots and business opportunities .

Besides marketing skills ,“ Live delivery ” There are deep-seated reasons for the popularity of . Live broadcast economy has been accumulating energy for a long time , Mature business model ; Plus, affected by the epidemic , Consumers stay at home to promote “ House economy ” Development , The scarcity of offline customers promotes enterprises to turn to e-commerce for survival . From live broadcast to live sales of real estate , From selling cars to selling airplanes , The boundary of live broadcast sales is expanding . Live broadcast of the economic boom , It can be said that it was formed in accordance with the trend .

Of course ,“ Live delivery ” Great energy is one thing , Do a good job in live sales 、 Creating a live broadcast ecosystem is another thing . For consumers ,“ Live delivery ” At the same time of convenient shopping , There is also false propaganda 、 The goods are wrong 、 Fake and shoddy 、 After sales rights protection and other issues . This enlightens live e-commerce , If you don't pay attention to honesty, you may go fast for a while , But it can't go far . Solve the problem of integrity 、 The way to win is to conserve the industry ecology . Besides , The report released by the China Consumer Association not long ago shows that ,37.3% Of the consumers interviewed have experienced consumption problems in live shopping , But only 13.6% Consumers who complain . Webcast is not a legal blind spot , Market regulators need to improve the system as soon as possible , Smooth channels for safeguarding rights , Better protect the good ecology of the live broadcast economy .

In the context of epidemic prevention and control , Promote the development of new online consumption , Realize the integration of online and offline , It is of great significance to boost economic momentum . As the epidemic continues to spread abroad , The growth of world economy and trade has been seriously impacted , We must base ourselves on expanding domestic demand 、 Promote consumption to cope with changes in the external environment 、 Stable economic growth . This requires that the resumption of work and production be combined with the expansion of domestic demand , Put it down 、 Frozen consumption is released , The new consumption in the prevention and control of epidemic situation 、 Upgrade consumption, cultivate and grow up , So that physical consumption and service consumption can be supplemented . In this regard , Cultivate to “ Live delivery ” The new online consumption represented by e-commerce plays an important role , Government departments and e-commerce platforms need to work together to conserve a good ecology for the live broadcast economy , With “ Live delivery ” Drive more consumption for breakthrough .

Adapt to the network 、 Digitization 、 The trend of intelligence , It doesn't just work “ Live delivery ” And other ways to activate the consumption of a pool of spring water , And turn danger into opportunity , Realize economic transformation and upgrading .

( source : The People's Daily )
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