It's easy to go through tiktok in the tens of thousands of times. 5 cashing tips and 6 methods for free
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 It's easy to go through tiktok in the tens of thousands of months. !5 A cash flow technique and 6 There are three ways to teach you for free

One . Tiktok 5 Big cash flow model

1. Receive advertisement

For example, I paid attention to a couple with funny painting style , In the video, the couple often take the goods in a spoof way . For example, my husband has become very vicissitudes recently in order to collect rent , His wife will recommend a skin care product to him , Naturally leads to the emergence of skin care products , Do promotion by the way .

2. Drainage shop

Recently, I paid attention to a pretty little sister , Teach girls how to dress in the video .

A Taobao shop as like as two peas in the same name as her video name. , Click in and find that the owner is the little sister in the video , So she did the trembling sound to buy clothes for Taobao tiktok. , You click on her dress video , Play to half will pop up a Taobao link , It's the same dress in the video , And the shop was opened by the little sister herself .

Many physical stores have not had a good business in recent years , Also began to carry the Internet mode , For example, some customers are wearing a video of "tiktok" in the jitter. , By the way, advertise the bridal dress in your shop , If a customer is interested , Tiktok can be linked to try out and buy in the store. .

3. Content business

 It's easy to go through tiktok in the tens of thousands of months. !5 A cash flow technique and 6 There are three ways to teach you for free

Content e-commerce has also been in a mess in recent years , Very suitable for users with traffic but no product , For example, you have 10 Thousands of fans , But there is no way to realize it , Tiktok can be opened through the sound of windows. .

Just insert the Taobao product link in the video , Help Taobao sell products , You can get a certain amount of commission income after the transaction .

4. Knowledge payment

Tiktok, a consultant who shares emotional dry cargo with vibrato. , It will attract interested users by sharing knowledge , Then guide customers to buy courses or through one-on-one consultation , Solve emotional problems for customers .

These are the forms of knowledge payment , As long as you are professional enough in one area , Tiktok can share knowledge freely. , When the fans count up , We can consider the realization charge .

Embroidery theory Think : When one's career begins , Or when your career is at a low ebb , He has to try to use the help of others “ resources ” And take the initiative to volunteer or only take a lower price than the market to work for those who provide resources , In the process of this work , Complete your skills 、 Relationship 、 Money ( Or other resources ) The accumulation of , Strive for the leap of personal human capital , In order to achieve the success of career development .

let me put it another way , When you don't have the resources and connections , You can help others solve problems by giving knowledge and ability , Accumulate the advantages of starting for yourself , Once the capital is sufficient , Cash is just a matter of course .

5. Live to play of the reward

When it comes to online celebrities, do you think of brushing gifts live ?

you 're right , Now a lot of celebrities start to live , Those who have talent perform talent , If you have talent, answer questions for your fans , Those with good looks can get a good reward by talking to their fans , I remember the news , Many Internet celebrities live for one hour , You can get a reward of more than 100000 , So this is a shortcut that many girls want to take .

The live broadcast is good , But the scale needs to be grasped , The business of selling sex will never be respected by others , Spreading knowledge and positive energy is our bottom line and principle .

 It's easy to go through tiktok in the tens of thousands of months. !5 A cash flow technique and 6 There are three ways to teach you for free

Two . Don't think that one or two videos will cause a fire

I don't know if you have this feeling , It seems that it's easy to explode when watching other people make videos , But I made a lot of videos, but it was not warm , In fact, this is a misunderstanding of short video .

No matter what you do, there is no such thing as easy , Open big V TikTok Homepage , Almost all of them have sent hundreds of videos , And they used to be little white , It's just a fire in the back , The previous video was also on fire .

I know a writer in the workplace , I didn't like the video at first , A lot of works still fail to pass the examination , The 20th video was finally popular , More than 200000 hits , There was a lot of pink in one night , All of a sudden, those works that couldn't pass the examination also passed .

All in all , Be calm in everything you do , Can stand loneliness , Don't dream that you can make amazing achievements in one month , Many brilliant achievements need to pay a lot of hard work and sweat , Can appear the result of jointing growth overnight .

3、 ... and . Learn how to keep your name before publishing

Yanghao refers to before the release of works , First, watch and praise other people's works , Let the system judge that you are a normal user , If you publish your work as soon as you come up , It's easy to be judged as a marketing number by the system .

Be careful , What field of work are you going to publish , Just watch and praise the works in this field , If you want to be a career number, go to see the career content , Want to do emotional number to pay attention to emotional content , This is conducive to improving the verticality of the account .

Half a month later , You can start publishing .

Early suggestions are released every day 3~5 A video , Increase exposure and account activity , The more works you have, the better it will be , It can reflect the professionalism and systematization of the account , Others are more willing to pay attention to an account with long-term value .

Four . Keep the style of video uniform

 It's easy to go through tiktok in the tens of thousands of months. !5 A cash flow technique and 6 There are three ways to teach you for free

This era is all about face , It's the same in the era of short video .

Before we pay attention to the account , Will first look at the content of the account , If the content looks cluttered , There may be no desire to pay attention , If it looks neat , Very professional , It's very appreciative , Then I will also pay attention to a wave .

therefore , It's important to make a good appearance , That is to keep the style of the video unified , The cover should keep the same background color and font style , Let others know that you designed the video as soon as they see it , In this way, the brand can be implanted into the user's mind , It is conducive to improving brand recognition and professionalism .

5、 ... and , Make good use of personal data as a Golden advertising space

 It's easy to go through tiktok in the tens of thousands of months. !5 A cash flow technique and 6 There are three ways to teach you for free

Personal data is only the embodiment and supplement of personal information , But just make good use of it , It can also bring better effect for drainage , For example, I followed a hot mom , Two children have been born , But keep in shape like a girl , She shared 70 Multiple fitness videos go up 20 More than 10000 fans .

This is a tiktok that can be said to be very fast. , Besides the video, it's very inspirational , Her profile is also carefully designed ,90 Two year old mother , Tiktok love , Love sports, love life .

It highlights the identity , occupation , Age and hobbies , It's full of positive energy , Which girl doesn't want to pay attention to such hot mom ? It's like all the girls like it .

therefore , Don't write your personal data carelessly , We must show our own characteristics and charm , People can't help looking at you !

6、 ... and , Proper use of advertising

Jitter is a tiktok support. , Generally speaking ,100 You can get it by dropping it once 5000 More playback ,6 The launch will end automatically in three hours .

For Xiaobai who has content but no traffic , Make good use of this function , Get more traffic with paid delivery , As long as it gets better , You can start making money .

Yes, of course , There are also skills in the selection of content , It can be published first to test the effect , The promotion effect will be better if the number of hits is the highest , Money must be spent on the best content .

 It's easy to go through tiktok in the tens of thousands of months. !5 A cash flow technique and 6 There are three ways to teach you for free

7、 ... and , Research on the law of money explosion

The tiktok has been in fashion for several years. , It can be said that there are many big problems in many fields V Already born , Xiaobai's chances are still relatively small , If you want to make it bigger quickly ,” Repeat the wheel “ It's not worth advocating , The really smart thing to do is to study big data V What do you have in store , What are the commonalities and rules , Using law to innovate can get twice the result with half the effort .

Suppose you are now making tiktok in the workplace. , But I don't know what content is more popular , You can collect the video themes that are highly praised in the workplace , Then change the content , Create your own pop .

Be careful , You can post videos on the same topic with others , But the content must be your own , Copy and paste becomes plagiarism , In the future, it may be suppressed by the platform because of violation .

So we have to abide by the rules from the early stage , Don't touch the bottom line of the platform , The result of busy and finally turned into empty , I hope you don't want to see it either .

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