About everybody said that the network gambling platform routine, the black platform and so on.
Smoke lock cold building 2021-02-22 22:49:16
Online gambling platform, black platform and routine platform , My friend met black platform, not routine platform .

Black platform generally refers to the amount that cannot be withdrawn after the platform is recharged , And I couldn't get in touch with my supervisor . Basically, it's useless , The other is that the new platform may be exploded as soon as it is in operation , If you can only shut down, your money can only be wasted . No matter how much you bet, most of them are small , It is suggested to choose some large platforms and contact the superior directly , Whether it's rebate or odds , Security can be maximized .

About routine platform , I've only heard that it hasn't been verified yet , At present, it's mostly speculation after players lose money , Most people think that when you continuously gain more profits on a platform through fixed betting direction thinking , The platform will have a kill function , But this statement has not been verified yet . Further down, the routine is direct black money , This one has some common sense, but it won't come across .

In addition to some general platform, regardless of the size of customers , As long as you continue to make higher profits through a certain bet, you will close the bet you are good at ( persuade sb. to resign from an official position ).

The real big platform will not be black money , And no matter how much you bet and how much you win, you won't be rejected , Because they know that you can be killed back before liberation with only one cut .

So no gambling is the best , Don't think about how much you only win every day. When you win too much, you will be numb to the amount of previous bets , Or in any other way, take away everything you have with a little carelessness .

Finally, I wish you all the best . In addition, the article just expresses opinions , I don't gamble with anyone , Don't publicize any relevant platforms . Thank you for your supervision .

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