What is tiktok? How to market on it?
Chai Xiao~ 2021-02-22 22:44:55

 What is? TikTok? How to market on it ?

TikTok, You may have seen its viral Facebook advertisement , I've heard about it from your kids or seen it in the news . however , What is it? ?

In short ,TikTok It's a Chinese social network that puts video first . People can publish short films , Edit it , Add music and post it to its TikTok Concern .

Most of the content on the site is comic , It's like Twitter Later video network Vine equally . Some of the most popular types include short plays , Lips sing , Thriller videos and cooking instructions .

As mentioned earlier , The network uses Music.ly Starting in China . however , Last year it was renamed TikTok, And it's rapidly gaining attention in the United States and Australia .

When we say that “ Get traction ” when , We mean : It is estimated that there are more than 5 Hundreds of millions of people are using TikTok, This means that the network is larger than Twitter and Pinterest.

Consider this ,TikTok Is becoming a bigger marketing platform , Especially for brands in the youth market .

therefore , In this paper , We will explore in depth and show you who should be in TikTok How to market on TikTok Marketing on the Internet .

TikTok The user group of is very specific

stay TikTok Before we started marketing on the Internet , Please make sure your demographics are consistent .

TikTok By age at 16 to 24 It's widely used by people between the ages of . This age group accounts for 41%. Unfortunately , Although it's safe to assume 24-30 It makes up another large part of the audience , But social networks don't publish much .

therefore , Consider this , If your audience is young , We recommend using TikTok Marketing .

without doubt , The elderly will soon start using the service , But for that audience , Then your marketing resources may be better used in other places .

This is TikTok The way of marketing on the Internet

You can go to TikTok Two choices of marketing on Internet : Online marketing or original content .

They all have their own strengths and time commitments , So we'll guide you through the following two options .

TikTok The online marketing on the Internet will be very huge

From make-up to baking videos ,TikTok Packed with people who make things . Some of these areas are huge TikTok online celebrity - actually , Some people have millions of subscribers .

These online audiences want to buy your products , So please cooperate with them and carry out online marketing activities .

Pay these Internet Celebrities , To use your product on the camera , Or other ways to promote your brand in their videos , So your product will come to the fore .

But more importantly , You will also win the trust of some netizens . One third of consumers trust the opinions of wanghong more than the brand says , So take advantage of it .

When carrying out online marketing activities , Please remember these five things .

Dabble in the original content

Making your own content can be powerful TikTok The marketing strategy . however , It will take a lot of time , Creativity and resources .

TikTok Mainly based on virus content , therefore Your content must also be viral . otherwise , It could be TikTok Users ignore .

therefore , If you are a culinary brand , Please show me a great recipe . for example , You can bake cakes according to popular songs , And introduce the degree of delicacy in the process .

please remember :TikTok The key to marketing is to make a viral , A relaxing video , To promote your product .

TikTok Advertising doesn't exist yet ...

TikTok One of the disadvantages is that it doesn't have an advertising platform yet . therefore , All of your TikTok Marketing must be done through online marketing .

But it's not necessarily a bad thing .

If there is any sign of the past of other social networks ,TikTok Eventually an advertising platform will be introduced to make a profit .

therefore , At the same time, take advantage of your TikTok Marketing resources and... In niche markets TikTok Net red cooperation .( source : Cross border central station )

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