Baidu enterprise Baijia - registration and brand blue V certification process
Agudo 2021-02-22 22:44:44

First step : Log in to Baijia official website

Visit Baijia website , Log in with baidu account ; If there is no baidu account, you need to register first .


The second step : Choose the type of Baijia you want to open , Open enterprise hundred, please choose “ Enterprises ”

The third step : Name and introduction of Baijia , Pay attention to the relevant registration specifications

Step four : Submit information of enterprises and operators

1. Scanned copy or photo of business license , Make sure the content is clear and visible

2. Account confirmation

Page download confirmation template , Fill in the company name after printing 、 Name of Baijia 、 Name of operator 、 Id card number 、 cell-phone number , And must be stamped with the official seal of the company ; Upload photos after completion .

3. Operator identity information

Upload the front and back of the operator's ID card photo ; Note that the same ID number is allowed to apply only. 1 A hundred families .

Step five : Submit successfully , Waiting for Baidu to review ; The audit results will be notified through Baijia station letter and SMS

Complete authenticity Certification

After successful registration, you can apply for authenticity authentication , Log in to Baijia backstage , Menu selection “ My certification ”, Apply for authenticity authentication according to the system prompt

Mode one : Corporate face recognition

Legal person face verification needs to be completed on the mobile terminal , Open the mobile phone Baidu APP Scan the QR code to verify , It needs to be completed by the legal representative of the enterprise .

Mode two : Public verification

1 Click public verification , Fill in the corporate account information according to the prompts , Submit after confirmation ;

2 After confirming the submission , Waiting for Baidu to make payment to your corporate account ;

3 After the payment is successful , The system will open the entry to fill in the amount . The user needs to check the payment information of the corporate bank account , Fill in the amount of the payment received “ Payment amount ” term , And submit confirmation ;

4 After the system checks that the amount of the company's typed money is correct , Will prompt submit success , So as to complete the authenticity Authentication .

Apply for corporate blue V authentication

First step : Click on the top right picture , Or in the left menu bar , choice “ Baijiahao setup ”;

The second step : Record Baijia number ID、 Name of Baijia ;

The third step : Will be a hundred ID、 Name of Baijia 、 Company name and other information submitted to Baidu enterprise hundred number certification service provider ; After submission 3-7 Audit completed in working days .