404 students dismissed from Beihang: what's more terrible than being stupid is that you are lazy in the best position
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You know Chinese colleges and Universities , Is there a mechanism for dropping out and a system for removing students from school ?

You know, more than the maximum number of years of schooling allowed by colleges and Universities , The grade or thesis is not up to the standard , Whether it's a doctor 、 Master's or professional degree graduate students , Will be dropped out of school , If it is serious, it will not retain the student status any more ?

lately , Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has been dismissed continuously 404 News about a student in school , Screen swiping circle of friends .

It is reported that , Just this year 1 month 11 Japan , Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics 2012 Class 6 I'm a doctoral student , Because it exceeds the maximum number of years allowed by the school , And be expelled from school 、 Refund treatment . this 6 people , There is a doctor who has been studying for a whole year 10 year , After several successive delays in graduation , This time, it was not spared .

As the cradle of Chinese aerospace talents , Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has always been known as one of the top universities in China . Students who fail to reach the standard will be dismissed , And no longer retain the student status of this operation , Beihang, this is the third wave .

 Beijing Airlines retreated 404 Famous student : More terrible than stupidity is , You're lazy in the best position

in fact , In recent years, Chinese colleges and universities have been strict in improving the quality of graduates , I've worked hard .

Someone exclaimed , Colleges and universities now , It's no longer the easy way to graduate . You have to study hard , Work hard to pass the exam , To get a diploma . High school students start playing games when they enter university 、 sleep late 、 The era of love and college diploma , Gone forever !

That's true , At the previous news conference held by the Ministry of Education , Wu Yan, director of the Department of higher education of the Ministry of education, has made it clear that :

Now in the university campus , There are always students who are not responsible for themselves , I'm not responsible to my parents , Even less responsible to society , This kind of slack state of mind and the phenomenon of mixing a college diploma , It's extremely incorrect . And from now on , Such students will be responsible for their own behavior , Pay the price you deserve . We will let some students play games every day 、 Sleep every day 、 Gone are the college days of falling in love .

 Beijing Airlines retreated 404 Famous student : More terrible than stupidity is , You're lazy in the best position

What the Secretary for Education said , This is not out of nowhere , I'm just talking about it . Sort it out a little bit , We can find out , In recent years , It is not uncommon for colleges and universities to carry out the expulsion of students :
  • Tsinghua University dissuades two doctoral students from the school of Marxism ;
  • Huazhong University of science and technology has failed in many undergraduate studies , It will be reduced from undergraduate to junior college students ;
  • Hefei University of technology was dismissed at one time 46 Master's degree ;

These events of University retirement show that :

As the state puts forward new requirements for scientific and technological innovation , Respond to the call of high quality development of all walks of life in the whole society , The whole society , Especially the University as a talent training base , More and more attention is paid to students' real learning ability , More and more attention is paid to students' assessment and investigation of their studies . Universities are no longer the greenhouses of the past , College degrees are no longer what they used to be “ Iron rice bowl ”, And become a scarce resource that will be recovered without effort .

in other words , If students are not responsible for their college life , Will pay a painful price .

 Beijing Airlines retreated 404 Famous student : More terrible than stupidity is , You're lazy in the best position

that , Why the state and society , For college students 、 Doctor 、 Graduate students gradually take strict punishment measures ?

This is because , Resources in Colleges and universities are always in short supply , It's a scarce resource of high quality .

When many high school students break through the army and enter high-quality universities , They're getting better than other kids who didn't go to college , Better resources 、 Higher platform 、 A broader space for development and improvement .

Kids on campus , Objectively speaking, it is the pillar of building society , It's only they who learn what they really learn , Only in the future can it become the driving force and source of building a country and society .

contrary , If some college students , Occupy the best in the whole society 、 The best degree resources , However, he always treats his learning opportunities with an attitude of laziness and indifference , So what he wasted , It's not just your precious time and resources , It is also a kind of trample and waste of higher elite education resources .

This waste , It's not just personal loss , It is also in the international competition environment of our country , Catching up with other countries' economy 、 When technology is powerful , A serious setback on the talent ladder . Accumulate over a long period , Enough to constitute the state and society , In the ability to innovate 、 Talent reserve 、 Energy regression of development 、 Lag and collapse .

 Beijing Airlines retreated 404 Famous student : More terrible than stupidity is , You're lazy in the best position

besides , These lazy people in the best positions , While wasting national teaching resources , It's also dragging down my life . Just imagine , Even if I read a doctor 、 master , However, it has never been able to provide valuable scientific research achievements for the society and the subjects , that , His academic and scientific research abilities are questionable , His values and character , It's also questionable .

As a national talent training base , The importance of colleges and universities is self-evident . A doctor from a famous university 、 Master's degree , Objectively, it can help individuals in social competition , Strive for extremely rich remuneration and position in the workplace .

And it's precisely because of this good , Some people in society, especially businessmen 、 Entrepreneurs began to think of ways to , Getting into college by all kinds of connections , Dr. occupation 、 Master's degree resources , Gild yourself for personal gain .

Objectively speaking , These people who enter universities for mixed diploma purposes , Theoretically, it can not produce any real and effective scientific research value and social value . But objectively , But it really squeezed out the scarce degree and teaching resources .

That's what it means to other people 、 Students who could have continued their studies with their own strength , It's a resource crush .

 Beijing Airlines retreated 404 Famous student : More terrible than stupidity is , You're lazy in the best position

Since last year , Colleges and universities have gradually begun to clean up and remove unqualified students , For those who are really talented and love learning , Free up degree resources . And those who retired from Beihang 404 Among the students , There is no lack of the provincial and municipal college entrance examination champion , Many of them have read doctors 、 A master's student , There are also many people who enter universities by various means purely for the purpose of mixing diplomas .

So mixed up , The purpose of higher education and teaching , Nature will change from the original pure , Gradually become confused , And there is a quality decline .

therefore , This kind of self evolution gradually developed in Colleges and universities , It is very necessary and in line with social development and public opinion .

And I hope that , It can stop unhealthy tendencies , It also gives colleges and universities pure subject value and talent training space .

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