The hotel chain suddenly closed! Customer stored value card money is difficult to return, staff: three months no pay

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hotel chain suddenly closed customer

source : Qilu Evening News

In recent days, , Many Jinan citizens found that ,

Jinan jinlaotan Shanxi noodle shop closed down .

 The hotel chain suddenly closed ! It's hard to refund the customer's stored value card , staff : I haven't been paid for three months

Some consumers handle stored value cards during business hours ,

After Jin laotuo suddenly closed the door ,

The remaining amount in the stored value cannot be withdrawn .


 The hotel chain suddenly closed ! It's hard to refund the customer's stored value card , staff : I haven't been paid for three months

The store is closed , Consumers are in an awkward situation

“ After Jin laotiao closed the door , I've got the rest of my savings 100 multivariate , Now I don't know who to ask for a refund .”

12 month 18 Japan , When it comes to the matter of closing the door by old Jin , Jinan citizen Ms. Wang felt very helpless . She told reporters , Three years ago , She went to the Shanxi noodle shop under Lishan road for many times , In the old man of Jin, he managed to save value .

“ At that time, I remember the first time to recharge 200 element , Mr. Jin should have given a card . Later, with the meal money spent , I will report my mobile phone number and continue to recharge , In this year 11 month , I recharge again 200 element , I didn't expect the money had not been spent , The store was closed .”

Ms Wang said , since 11 After monthly recharge , She went to jinlaotan for a meal , result 12 When I went to dinner again at the beginning of the month , He found that Jin laotuo suddenly closed the door .

In order to get the money out of the store

She called Jin laoma's order number many times

But there was no answer

“ I don't know who to ask for a refund right now , I don't know who to contact , Very helpless ”.

What I feel helpless is Ms. Li ,“ I'm also in 11 Monthly recharge , The money was almost useless and it closed .” Ms Liu said , After Lishan road Youpin Huijin laotiao closed , She also contacted old Jin for refund many times , The result is the same as that of Ms. Wang , No one answered the phone .

Li said it was not just this family that closed the door ,

The stores on Shanda road and in the high tech Zone are closed .

 The hotel chain suddenly closed ! It's hard to refund the customer's stored value card , staff : I haven't been paid for three months

“ Now I hope Mr. Jin can return the remaining money in the stored value as soon as possible .”

Ms. Li said .

staff : Three months in arrears , The claim failed

Except that people can't refund ,

Jin laodiao's employees also suffered from arrears of wages .

“ I haven't paid my salary for three months .”

An employee in Lishan road Huijin laoma told reporters , She has already worked in this shop 3 year , Usually the shop owner is good to the staff , So she's been working in the store , However , In this year 11 Around the month, the shop owner suddenly had an accident , What she didn't expect was , After a short period of work , The store just closed .

“11 After a month , I also worked for a while , At that time, it was said that wages should be settled , Now it turns out 9 month 、10 The month and 11 I didn't get the monthly salary .”

The staff said , Three months' wages are outstanding , She's been to the store , But it hasn't been solved yet .

“ All three stores should be closed , The first one to close the store in the hi tech Zone , Shanda Road store and Lishan Road store were closed successively .”

Another employee introduced ,

“ I'm in arrears, too 9 month 、10 The month and 11 Monthly salary , Wages are not paid , We have contacted the wife of the legal person of Jin laotiao Lishan Road shop , The response was that there was no money 、 Can't find the bank card 、 I don't know the password of the bank card . We hope the salary can be settled as soon as possible .”

The employee said .

Consumers and employees expect to get their rights back

Response to the public and employees , The reporter found that , After inputting the word "Jin Lao Tan" , The beginning of Jinan Lixia Jin laoma restaurant has been cancelled , The legal persons of these stores are the legal persons of jinlaotiaoshan Road store, as the employees call them , And Jinan Lixia Jin laotiao noodle shop and Shunhua Shanxi laotiao noodle restaurant in high tech Development Zone are both in business , According to employees , The legal person of these two noodle shops is the legal person of Jin laotiao Lishan Road shop .

Besides , The reporter is buying app It is also found that , Jin laotuo Li Mountain Road shop and Mountain Road shop show closed , The high-tech store shows that it is currently closed .

And then , According to the telephone number of the legal person and his wife provided by the employee , The reporter contacted .

I'm not his wife anymore , You go to check the local account 、 ID card. Let's see who he married .

A woman on the phone said , But coincidentally , When the reporter dials the telephone number of Jin laotuo Lishan Road store legal person , It was the same woman who answered the phone ,

“ I told you , I'm not his wife , His phone has been with me .”

The woman said to the reporter .

at present , People hope that the old people will be stingy

You can return the rest of the stored value card ,

And the store staff also want to settle the salary as soon as possible ,

We will keep an eye on this .
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