How user experience affects your SEO

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user experience affects seo

 How user experience affects your SEO

Users only need to 50 Comment on the website in milliseconds . Can't make a positive impression , Visitors will soon click on “ back off ” Button . obviously , Beauty has a great influence on the way users judge websites . however , You should not neglect the other two aspects -SEO and UX. But how the user experience affects your SEO?

People turn to search engines like Baidu for answers , That's why it's aimed at SEO The reason why optimization is important .SEO Help your website find information related to your business . meanwhile , Website design goes beyond Aesthetics . A website with a poor user experience is not only frustrating for users to visit your site ; It will also affect your search engine rankings .

ad locum , We're going to look at all aspects of the user experience , And how it affects SEO.

Mobile friendly

The use of smartphones has become ubiquitous , So hard to find people without mobile devices . Estimated to have 35 Billion smartphone users , And that number is expected to only increase .

 How user experience affects your SEO

More and more people are accessing the network from their mobile devices . actually , Google announced a mobile priority index for the entire network . It means Google The mobile version of your site will be used in search results .

If your website is not suitable for mobile devices , May affect your ranking . Now , Online users are also less tolerant of sites that are not optimized for their devices .

Make sure your site works on all devices ( If not yet ).

Website speed

No matter how well your website is designed , But it doesn't help if it doesn't load fast . Online users may have tolerated slow websites in the past . But now it has changed , People today want to find the answer quickly .

If you can't load your website quickly , Please don't expect your visitors to stay and wait . Most people just shut down the site , Then click to find another search result .

With all the other factors being the same , Loading results in your site will be faster than .

What can you do to speed up the website ?

Start with the obvious . Large, UN optimized images are one of the biggest reasons for slow load times . Before uploading images to the page , Please use Photoshop Image compression software . If you use WordPress, You can also install many plug-ins to do this automatically for you . Other ways to speed up your site include enabling compression , Using browsing cache , To minimize the CSS,JavaScript,HTML Documents and the use of content distribution networks .


Typesetting is the effect of SEO Another aspect of the user experience of .

There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a website and finding the text too small . You need to zoom in from the device to read the content . If most users can't read text , They just leave the page . A high bounce rate means visitors don't find your site useful or relevant .

There is even some correlation between the bounce rate and the ranking . Although it's important to have a professional design , But it's also a good idea to make the content more readable . Use clear fonts and sizes to ensure that the user can easily read the text .

Make sure your content is on all devices ( Including desktops , Tablets and smartphones ) All of them are clearly visible .


A key aspect of the user experience of a website is navigation . Navigation links help visitors navigate your site to . Visitors can't easily find what they want or can't find on your website , They may be confused or frustrated .

Organize the navigation menu into categories and subcategories , Users can click on these categories and subcategories to find the right page . Optimize these links with keywords to improve their visibility , And remember SEO and UX.

Usually , You want to place the navigation bar where visitors want to find it , For example, top or side .

Use plain text for each navigation link , To avoid any misunderstanding . Most sites will “ Contact us ” As a contact page , take “ About us ” Used as a “ About ” The page has a reason .

The color scheme

Color schemes may affect the way visitors view your business . for example , You can use brighter colors to convey interesting tones . On the other hand , You can use darker colors ( For example, black ) To convey a sense of luxury .

The color scheme you choose for your website should ideally match the service provided by the enterprise . for example , If you are a cleaning company , Green may be used to indicate freshness , Not brown or black .

Blank space is another important element of web design . It's essentially a blank area around your content , It gives them breathing space .

Four fifths of the participants rated the design on the left as superior to the design on the right , Even if the two companies offer similar prices and products .

 How user experience affects your SEO

Playful colors combine with white space , send BoxGreen Is more visually attractive than its competitors . by comparison , The other design looks more confusing , And it's not attractive .

When comparing the above two options , Obviously , Design is ultimately the determinant of participants' ratings . in many instances , This may mean the difference between customers' shopping on your site or that of competitors .

Ease of use

Usability refers to how easy it is for visitors to browse your website . let me put it another way , Can tourists find what they want ?

Bad web design not only affects SEO. It also affects the usability of your site and whether users can achieve what they intend to do .

If you want visitors to have a good impression of your brand , So it's important to optimize usability . Start with a clear visual level , Design elements in order of importance .

You can use design elements such as scale and spacing to indicate what is important and what you want users to pay attention to .

This is an example of a home page with a good visual hierarchy :

 How user experience affects your SEO

It's clear on the page “ technological process ”, All elements are arranged intuitively . The copy on the page is well written , There's even a rallying phrase , You can tell visitors exactly what to do ( demonstration ).

Again , Your web design should make it easy for visitors to find what they want immediately .


User experience and SEO Do many things at once . Even with professional looking websites , If the viewer is not satisfied or does not optimize their device , Visitors may also close the site . These signals tell search engine users that they don't find your site useful , This may affect your ranking .

On the other hand , If your website experience is not good at instilling trust , It doesn't help to be at the top of the search engine . That's why the user experience is right for SEO More and more important reason .

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