Is the producer's share of operation littoral real? Is there a breakeven agreement? Do you need a threshold?
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In China, , Military films have always been popular , There are also a lot of serials and movies that are all military 、 It's about anti-terrorism , It was a hit when it came out , The film has 《 Warwolf 2》《 The red sea action 》 These are all military blockbusters that make people's blood boil ! Perfect box office Let these films all have a very high Rate of return , Investors, of course, made a lot of money ! It also makes many investors look forward to the next big military work !

Movie Overview :

《 Coastal operations 》 The film is mainly about a sudden encounter with a typhoon , Chinese ocean going fishing boats and international freighters are in urgent need of help . Our warships went to rescue , In order to open up a new channel , from “ Bad boy special team ” Analyze the cause of typhoon , It's caused by the failure of terrorist organization experiments , Defeat terror after a fierce battle * Molecular Naza et al . But the terrorists are back with the hard disk that contains the test data , The Chinese navy has launched a battle with terrorist organizations . Our navy and special forces work together , In the end, the terror was broken down . The story of molecules lifting the atoll crisis .

Bright spot :1 China The first military at sea Anti terrorism movies   2: military film fast , The scene is big , The plot is strong .

3: The mainstream of the market is the commercial film market with realistic themes as its main theme , A wide audience , Benchmarking movies ,《 The red sea action 》36 Billion box office ,《 Warwolf 256 Billion box office .4 The production team is strong

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1, choice High quality film and television projects .( Record and production company qualification is complete )  

2, Advance the share to the public account of the producer of the film and television project Subscription deposit 10%.( Public accounts are subject to public security , Bank , Banking Regulatory tripartite Supervision , You can transfer money safely )  

3, After the financial audit of the production company confirms the receipt of the account , Send the paper contract to the investor ( In duplicate ).  

4, Within three days, the investor receives the contract and signs it , Send a copy back to the production company , then Make up the balance .( The contract comes into effect , Both parties fulfill the spirit of the contract )  

5, After the final payment is received by the production company , We will mail the investors with official seal again Full payment receipt as proof .  

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