"Red fox scholar" Li Xian's film has box office revenue? What should personal investment pay attention to?
Mr. Song 2020-11-27 20:28:42

Talking about Li Xian , No one doesn't know , After all “ Three explosions ” The core character in , Li Xian's strength and popularity should not be underestimated . Yes, of course , Li is very powerful , It's just a lack of opportunity , that stay 《 Dear love 》 after , Li now relies on “ Han Shangyan ” Red explosion , It's also in the data .

After the popularity of the whole network , Li Xian also has continuous resources . see , New movie 《 Red fox scholar 》 Today, there is no fire on the Internet , Plus the generous help of Chen Li Nong , It seems that Li is going to create a blockbuster again .【 More movie information , Mr. Jiasong's wechat 18694097268

Ancient costume fantasy film 《 Red fox scholar 》 Officially announce Set gear 2020 year 8 month . It is reported that , The movie 《 Red fox scholar 》 It's an easy succession 《 Catching demons 》 After a series of , Another fantasy blockbuster of ancient costume .《 Red fox scholar 》 Recently released a “ Concept Trailer ”, Officially announced that this year 8 month , In the video, Li Xian's exaggerated expression performance and rich body movements make the audience laugh . Actor Li Xianyi changes his handsome image , Wearing a fox cartoon hat , The incarnation of Dameng fox fairy Bai shisan , With actor Chen Linong “ Tacit understanding ” Interaction , Netizens joked “ The outline of living story , Very funny ”.

in addition , stay 《 Red fox scholar 》 in , Li Xian plays fox white thirteen , Chen was a scholar , Although it is said that the film has not yet been launched , But both of them It's high looks , And the production team is awesome. , So everyone has a good impression on the film .



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