Does the fantasy movie "assassinate the novelist" still have box office? Is the producer's share real? Is it reliable?
Mr. Song 2020-11-27 20:28:41

  1 month 10 Japan , Directed by Lu Yang 、 Ning Hao supervised the production , Lei Jia Yin 、 Yang Mi 、 Dong Zijian 、 A fantasy action movie starring Yu Hewei, etc 《 Assassinate a novelist 》 Declare a gear 2021 New year's Day , At the same time, the film has exposed the fixed file notice and poster .

About the movie :《 Assassinate a novelist 》

guide   Play : Lu Yang

prison   system : Hao Ning

Film producer : Zhang Ning

The cast : Lei Jia Yin 、 Yang Mi 、 Yu Hewei 、 Liyan tong

Film and television theme : fantasy 、 action

Release time :2021 year

Movie Overview :

My daughter orange was abducted and sold many years ago , Father Guan Ning in order to get clues to his daughter , The next task is to assassinate the novelist . He was given the task by a well-known entrepreneur , For some reason , The novel world created by the novelist has a negative impact on him . A novelist who has no idea of it , When encountering a writing bottleneck , I met Guan Ning who came to assassinate himself . meanwhile , In the fantasy world created by novelists , A teenager living in the woods , In search of my father ...

《 Assassinate a novelist 》 For the first time 《 "Avatar" 》、《 Scarlet ball rise 》 With the money “ Motion capture ” and “ Virtual shooting ” technology .

How to reduce the risk of film and television investment ?

1、 The quality of the film itself is poor , The audience doesn't pay for it

2. The cast is not cast if the cast is mismatched

3、 Propaganda suck , A good film can't reach the audience

4、 If you don't choose the right movie schedule, don't cast it

5、 Film positioning is not accurate , The box office is not good

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