Is the warm embrace of film worth investing in? What is the minimum cost? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages
Film agent Mr. Li 2020-11-27 20:28:39

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title : Warm embrace

Subject matter : comedy

starring : Chang Yuan 、 Li Qin 、 Shen Tang 、 Joshua 、 Ma Li 、 Allen 、 Tian Yu 、 Wei Xiang et al

Production company : Shanghai Aimei film and television culture media Co., Ltd 、 Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd 、 Shanghai ticket Culture Co., Ltd etc.

Project advantages :

① Subject matter :《 Warm embrace 》 It's a comedy movie , Comedy theme is one of the highest box office themes in the domestic film market , And the box office of comedy movies is relatively stable .

② cycle :《 Warm embrace 》 It's over , The trailer has come out , Set gear 2020 year 12 month 31 Show on , The investment cycle is short , The influence of uncertain factors changes little during the period .

③ The cast : Shen Teng, the ten billion film emperor, participated in the performance , Happy Mahua team participated in the performance , The actors are all familiar comedians , Acting online , Comedians have their own flow when they act in comedy , Box office appeal is very strong .

④ Producer : Participate in 《 Warm embrace 》 We have a strong producer , For film making 、 Publicity and release have a lot of security .

The description :

The movie 《 Warm embrace 》 It's a comedy , Baobao, a boy with obsessive-compulsive disorder ( Chang Yuan adorns ) With the innocent girl song warm ( Li Qin plays the role of ) And doctor Jia ( Shen Teng ) meet . From childhood to foretell , Take us into the story of Mr. Qi Liuhai's extraordinary life .

Tian Yu and Wang Zhi play Bao Bao's parents . You can't think of , After sterilizing and protecting the whole body , They have steel rulers , Compass and other tools , Make dumplings in order . The shrimps are arranged in order , The filling is more distinct , The circumference of dumpling wrapping paper is calculated clearly and accurately , It's just the size of Bao's mouth …… It's shocking and creates a sense of contrast , The influence of primitive families , The pursuit of perfect implementation plan has become the daily work of obsessive-compulsive disorder Bao Bao Bao .

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