Is the movie a little safflower worth investing in? What is the minimum cost?
Film agent Mr. Li 2020-11-27 20:28:38

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Directed by Han Yan , Jackson Yi 、 Liu haocun is the leading actor , Zhu Yuanyuan 、 Gao Yalin stars , Xia Yu plays a special role , Yueyunpeng's friendship in the anti-cancer film 《 Give you a little red flower 》 Officially started in Qingdao .

The story revolves around two groups of life paths of two anti-cancer families , It tells a warm and realistic story , Think about and face the life proposition that every ordinary person will face .

When death can come at any time , The only thing we can do is to cherish love and everything we have now .

This film is easy to close 《 Young you 》 after , For the second time as a big screen star .

Before, Yi closed Qianxi in 《 Young you 》 It's amazing , A few tears heart and lung crying drama grasp just right , His first appearance on the big screen proved his identity as an actor .

This time, Yi closed Qianxi once again 《 Here is a little red flower 》 The leading role of , Hand in hand New girl Liu haocun , Both of them are worthy of the audience's expectation .

The point of this film is not just about the actors , Director Han Yan once directed 《 Go away ! Tumor King 》、《 The world of animals 》、《 Oh, my God 》 And so on .

It is worth mentioning that 《 Here is a little red flower 》 It's Han Yanji 《 Go away ! Tumor King 》 The second anti-cancer movie .

The former 《 Go away ! Tumor King 》 It's a great anti-cancer movie , The moving of the film made the audience's tears . At the same time, this film is also a typical example of small and broad , Took more than... At a very low cost 5 Million at the box office . This time, Han Yan directed anti-cancer movies again , There must be more experience , Can bring more surprises to the audience .

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