Is hero company worth investing? How much is the cost? Which company is reliable for docking

2018 year 12 month 11 Japan , The State Administration of film has printed and distributed 《 On speeding up the construction of cinemas and promoting the prosperity and development of the film market 》.《 opinion 》 The core point is to encourage investment ,2020 The total number of screens in the year exceeds 8 Ten thousand pieces , The compound growth rate corresponding to the number of screens is 15%;《 opinion 》 The main measures proposed are : Speed up the construction and development of cinemas 、 Deepen the reform of cinema line system 、 Speed up the development of characteristic cinemas 、 We will standardize the development of VOD cinemas and on-demand cinema lines .

It is expected that the investment boom in cinemas will not cool down in the next few years , The number of new theaters will continue to increase , The competition in the cinema market will be more fierce , At the same time, the operating costs of cinemas will continue to rise , The living space of small and medium-sized cinemas will be further squeezed , The cinema market will begin to enter the stage of resource integration .


The film project :《 Hero company 》

type : The war / history

Lead in the production of : China Film Co., Ltd

Produce : youku 、 Chinese movies

WeChat :you069888


Although the smoke of war has long gone , But the heroes have made a great contribution in history .

The movie 《 Hero company 》 From the first perspective of front-line soldiers, the real battlefield of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea is presented , With the war against U.S. aggression and aid Korea 70 The anniversary is approaching , Once again, it awakens people's common memory of the history of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea . In the first concept Poster Released , Flag hunting , The March marched forward bravely , The poster presents the brave posture of the Chinese people's Volunteer Army in the form of hand-painted , On the screen “ Call must come ! Come and fight ! A battle is sure to win !” The nine characters show the Chinese nation “ Not afraid of war ” The blood of the nation .


The movie 《 Hero company 》 Focus on the fourth company of a unit of the fourth field army , After the end of the war of Liberation , The company has been stationed in Zhengzhou for training , But the war on the Korean Peninsula changed everything , The division of the fourth company received an urgent order from the superior , Boarding overnight , Joined the ranks of the troops to fight abroad .


The fourth company flexibly used various favorable conditions in combat operations , Taking advantage of the racism prevalent in the US military , Encircle and force a black company of the US Army to surrender , Created a classic example of war . In support of the eastern front , The soldiers of the fourth company are fearless , Risk three below zero 、 The 40 degree cold charged the enemy on the ice , Suffered severe non combat attrition , It's a painful sacrifice .


The fourth company as a fighting company , It has experienced the whole process of the war of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea , In this war, we met the strongest enemy 、 Experienced the coldest weather 、 The worst sacrifice 、 I got the most brilliant achievements ……


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We should vigorously carry forward the great spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea and the national spirit , Vividly show the heroic deeds and revolutionary spirit of the Chinese people's Volunteer Army , Show that the people of all ethnic groups share the same hatred for the enemy 、 The patriotism of uniting as one , Show that the Chinese nation is not afraid of violence 、 The determination to maintain peace and the great contribution to the just cause of the world .

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