Is the film investment legal? How much is the threshold and how do individuals invest in films

2019 The film market maintained a growing momentum in , National box office 642.66 One hundred million yuan , That's up from a year ago 5.4%, among , The share of domestic films reached 64.07%.2019 year , New screens in China 9708 block , The total number of screens is 69787 block , The global leading position is more consolidated . The number of film watchers in the country is the second 17.27 Billion , A slight increase over the previous year . overall , The film market is still expanding , It shows a relatively prosperous situation .


The movie 《 Changan Fu demon 》 Fixed file three years, sharpen a sword 12 month 31 Japan , Landing on the big screen . By Li Li 、 Wang Kai directed , BaoJianFeng 、 Clara 、 Eric 、 Jia Bing 、 Chi Shuai 、 headmaster 、 Law Ka Ying 、 Xu Dongdong 、 Anhu 、 Li Zixiong 、 Zhou Weitong and others starring in a large-scale action fantasy film 《 Changan Fu demon 》 Announced today that we will file , The film will be in 2020 year 12 month 31 Japan landed on the domestic big screen .

The movie 《 Changan Fu demon 》 It tells of the time when the demons are waiting for an opportunity to make a comeback and bring disaster to the world , Little cook Li Chang'an ( BaoJianFeng ornament ) Fall into the whirlpool by mistake and take orders in case of danger , Join hands with Chang'an Liuqi to fight against demons and save lives . Since the film was turned on , With a strong creative team and luxury lineup , The magic color and immortal special effects of the story attract the attention of the audience , after 3 After years of careful grinding , The film was finally announced to be on file , The quality of ingenuity is worth looking forward to .


As a big action fantasy movie ,《 Changan Fu demon 》 What the audience is looking forward to most is its strong fantasy color . Evil spirits steal the mysterious female beads that suppress the demon king , The city of Chang'an is full of demons , It's a fire dragon with big face and fangs , Small to lifelike ants , All kinds of monsters wreak havoc on the world , The battle between magic and Dharma is very lively , Conspiracy and conspiracy are inseparable from each other , I believe that it will satisfy the audience's imagination of fantasy pictures . In order to satisfy the audience's interest in action play 、CG Special effects and tomb raids 、 Demon realm 、 Chang'an City chaos and other scenes of the fantasy requirements , The producer specially invited Eastern Europe 、 Eight top visual effects teams in Korea and China , In nearly a year, we have built as many as 1300 A special effect shot , Comparable to Hollywood blockbusters .


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The movie 《 Changan Fu demon 》 Produced by Zhejiang Dashu Film Co., Ltd , Hangzhou Yunjing Culture Communication Co., Ltd , Producer Zhang Qi , Chief producer Zhang Wei , Producer Bo Shuman 、 Lei Chenyu , Chief planner Zeng Hongyuan . Let's look forward to !

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