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in writing name :《 The trilogy of the gods 》

Date of shooting :2020 year

guide     Play : Wu Shan

Ed     Drama, : Ran Ping 、 Ran Jianan

system slice people : Du Yang

class     type : myth / epic

Release time : expect 2020 year

The mythical epic film that has attracted much attention 《 The trilogy of the gods 》 Announce the first cast , Huang Bo 、 Fei Xiang 、 Li Xuejian 、 Xia Yu and new actor Yu Shi 、 Hailiang , Play Jiang Ziya in the film 、 The king of Shang lived a long life 、 Hou Jichang, Xibo 、 Shen Gongbao 、 Jifa 、 Yan Jiao . The trilogy series is directed by ursan , Song song is the producer 、 Du Yang is the producer , Cultural investment in Beijing 、 Changshengtian Film Co., Ltd . And the movie 《 The trilogy of the gods 》 Since the announcement , How will this amazing epic film interpret the original Fengshen , It has always been a particularly imaginative suspense .

The movie 《 The trilogy of the gods 》 Take three shot mode to make , The names of the three books are 《 The demon chaos and national war in the trilogy of God worship 》、《 The devil's road battle in the "God" trilogy 》、《 In the trilogy of deification, the world is sealed with gods 》, The plan will be on 2020 year 、2021 year 、2022 Three years in a row , The first part will be published in 2020 It's on the big screen this summer .

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