Is Trident investment reliable? What is the minimum cost? Release time
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《 trident 》 It's directed by Gao Qunshu , Huang Zhizhong 、 Jiang Wu 、 Guo Tao 、 Oho 、 Han geng 、 Dong Yong 、 Jin Shijie 、 Wei Chen 、 Xing Jiadong 、 Huanglu 、 Chen Turing 、 The criminal investigation drama starring Zhao Ziqi .

The film is based on the police writer Lu Zheng's novel of the same name , Three old policemen are facing retirement or retirement , But accidentally caught up in a financial scam , Become “ A sharp knife ”, The story of the criminal syndicate .

Chinese name trident

class     type Criminal investigation 、 The plot

Production area The Chinese mainland

Location of shooting Qingdao

guide     Play Gao Qunshu

Ed     Drama, Lv Zheng

Lord     Playing Huang Zhizhong 、 Jiang Wu 、 Guo Tao 、 Chen Turing

Dialogue language mandarin

Production time 2020 year

synopsis :

go by the name of “ trident ” The three policemen of “ The old gun ”, Using traditional police methods to solve cases , Under the huge inducement of the opponent , The relationship between the three began to become subtle . But in the face of police duty , They finally came together , Smashed the financial criminal group in one fell swoop .

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