Warm embrace, does individual investment still have a share? What is the rate of return on investment?
Director Li, film Consultant 2020-11-27 20:28:25

Regardless of any investment, the first consideration is whether the investment channel is legal or formal , Financial security is the first step ! Second, consider the investment risk of the project , Income from investment ! Because of the regulations of the film producer , It is forbidden to publicize the film cost and film record in the form of promotion .—— For more details, please consult manager CAI :17671422783( Wechat same number )

The movie 《 Warm embrace 》 stay 2020 year 12 month 31 1 , As director Chang Yuan's debut ,《 Warm embrace 》 It can be said that it has shouldered a different mission , This movie is also the first comedy movie starring Li Qin , I don't know what her performance will be , But there is Shen Teng's blessing with his own smile , I believe it will not be bad .

《 Warm embrace 》 Huayi Brothers 、 Taopiao movie and TV 、 Happy media and other first-line film and television companies dominate , Shen Tang 、 Ma Li 、 Joshua 、 Wei Xiang 、 Ellen and other happy Mahua team's strongest lineup plays , Hilarious plot + Warm heart story double blessing !

《 Warm embrace 》 Investment highlights :

1. Comedy theme : Looking at the past films , Comedy movies always stand out from the crowd , It's a box office success .

2. Happy Mahua team :《 Charlotte's troubles 》《 The iron fist of shame 》《 Xihong city's richest man 》 Such as box office word-of-mouth double harvest movies are happy Mahua works . The writer is happy Mahua signed up to write 、 actor 、 With many years of experience in comedy creation , Shen Teng 、 Allen 、 Chang Yuan and others wrote comic sketches , And participate in 《 Charlotte's troubles 》、《 Feeling saint 》、《 The One 》 CO production of plays . The actors are all the best Comedians in the world .

3. From the current trailer, we can see that the film is full of laughter , The quality of the film is good .

4. Chang Yuan directed and performed his first work , And invited Shen Teng 、 Ma Li 、 Joshua 、 Ellen and other happy Mahua trumps gathered for the first time , Full of laughter .

5. Release schedule :2021 On New Year's Day , Good schedule .

reminder : Recently, there are a lot of illegal elements posing as scams and traps . You search to see the investors must recognize the formal channel , To ensure the security of funds . If you want to know about film investment cooperation, please contact :【17671422783】( Wechat same number ), Let every friend who loves film art , Can be a movie producer , Enjoy a high box office bonus , Realize my dream of film and television investment !

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