Hunan Primary and secondary school experimental teaching activity opens in Changsha in 2020

In order to further develop the educational function of experimental teaching , Improve the practical ability of teachers and students , Promote the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching , According to the Provincial Department of Education 《 About holding 2020 The notice of experimental teaching and lesson telling activities in primary and secondary schools of the whole province 》( Xiangjiao Beitong 【2020】18 Number ) Documentation requirements ,2020 year 11 month 24 Japan ,2020 The activity of experimental teaching in primary and secondary schools in Hunan Province was opened in Changsha . This competition covers primary school science 、 Junior high school physics 、 chemical 、 biological 、 High school physics 、 chemical 、 biological 、 information technology 、 General technology and other disciplines .

The activity is sponsored by Hunan Provincial Department of education , Hunan Education and production equipment department , Hunan intelligent education equipment exhibition and Experience Center 、 Hunan Educational Equipment Industry Association 、 Hunan Modern Education Technology Co., Ltd 、 Hunan Lianyi Technology Co., Ltd. provides technical service support .

All of them come from all parts of the province 200 Five teachers took part in the activity , Liu Shaobo, researcher of the basic education department of Hunan Provincial Department of education 、 He Shenghua, deputy director of Hunan Education and production equipment department, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech , Liu Jianxin, head of the experimental teaching management section of Hunan Education and production equipment department, presided over the opening ceremony . Peng Xiaobo, a special teacher of Yueyang education science and Technology Research Institute, made a speech on behalf of the judges .

This activity is highly valued by the municipal education authorities , Cities are selected at different levels , Finally, teachers with strong innovation ability in experimental teaching are recommended to participate in the provincial competition . The reviewers follow the review procedure , In strict accordance with the evaluation criteria .

The activity of this experiment lesson telling competition has greatly aroused the enthusiasm of Hunan Teachers in experimental teaching and the enthusiasm of experimental innovation and transformation , The experimental operation ability and innovative spirit of teachers and students are improved , It is also an important measure to effectively improve the experimental teaching level of the whole province .

The opening ceremony

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