Personal number + wechat group + small program combination marketing creates private domain flow pool, realizes efficient drainage and user precipitation!
There has to be a shop 2020-11-27 20:28:20

Recently, we have been talking about private domain traffic , From public domain to private domain , Whether it's a big brand or a small and micro individual , We should establish our own private domain traffic pool , Intensive cultivation users .

However , On the road of digital operation , We all face the same problem : Easy to pull users , It's hard to support users , Managing users is even more difficult .

For the operation of private traffic , It is an important means for businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiency , How to play the value of private domain traffic , How to turn private traffic into dividends , It's also a question that operators think about .

This article mainly from the personal number 、 Wechat group 、 The combination of small programs to run private traffic , To realize the drainage and Realization of private domain flow pool .

One 、 Build the carrier of traffic realization

The ultimate goal of gathering traffic is to facilitate the realization of , And wechat small program as relying on month live 12 Billion WeChat , Be able to quickly fission based on social communication , Become the marketing base of major brands .

But for most small and micro businesses , It doesn't have to be like a brand 、 Internet companies spend so much manpower 、 Money to build a small program , Today, the small program development market is very mature , adopt “ There has to be a shop ” Tools can quickly build a small app mall suitable for their own business .

For the establishment of wechat group , We should do a good job in the early stage , Name setting , Set up the group rules 、 Announcement, etc , What kind of content to output . Groups that don't plan well , It's very likely to do it later on “ die ” 了 .

How to run a community , Clickable →》

Two 、 Personal number makes people set up

We need avatars from wechat 、 nickname 、 WeChat ID 、 Individuality signature 、 Circle of friends home page background 、 Six aspects of the circle of friends to build a comprehensive .

1、 Wechat Avatar

According to the industry , If it's a professional at work , You can be more formal , Smile on your face . If it's life , Use one you like .

2、 nickname

Such as xxVIP Operation Center - full name , Both highlight the brand name , And set up their own image , Give customers a sense of dignity .

3、 WeChat ID

See some people's wechat is still the default system when registering ,wxid_xxx, It feels like a signal , It's kind of like pian Son . If it's a company team , Can do a unified management of micro signals , It also saves cost .

4、 Individuality signature

The application scenarios in the circle of friends are still relatively weak , Mainly when adding friends , Will see your personal signature information directly , Know what your friends are interested in .

5、 Circle of friends home page background

Don't over market this one , A good friend of mine is a bride and make-up 、 Eyebrow tattooed , The background image is a picture of her own future wedding dress , You can see light makeup , The whole thing is feel.

6、 Circle of friends

It's a technical activity to publish the news of the circle of friends , It's like we take pictures for a minute , Repair the picture for half an hour , Just to give people a beautiful feeling . For a thoughtful operator, you should know what to send , What do you want users to see , Instead of just advertising .

3、 ... and 、 Private Drainage and liquidation

Private drainage is a long-term and gradual process , The most important thing is to insist on fans operation , Through daily communication 、 Share with friends 、 The community is active 、 Peer to peer mass messaging to achieve the impact on fans . When you bring value to fans , Fans will also take the initiative to invite friends and relatives to join the group .

Small programs can plan seconds 、 Assemble 、 Coupons and other activities , Combining with community fans , Form fission propagation , Finally realize the drainage and realization .

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