How does Chinatown detective 3 still have a share? Is the share real? Can you invest?
Liang Sheng 2020-11-27 20:28:16

I believe many people have doubts about , Chinatown detective 3 Not last year's project ? So fire , How can we still have a share ? In fact, the share of this project is not much , Because the cake is only this big , More and more people are investing , The cake will only get smaller and smaller ! So why is there still a share after so long publicity ?

1. The producer will release its share periodically , Because we know that we will release shares later , That's why we publicize !

2. Now the market for film investment is not as big as you think , Not so many people are involved in film investment , It belongs to a blue ocean market , Many people don't know that movies can also be invested in ;

3. Most investors are now just on the sidelines , Or the funds are being used . Naturally, a part of it has been set aside .

4. There is another important reason , Chinatown detective 3 The high cost , The total amount of capital that can be transferred is even greater ! Other projects 0.05%, The don 3 Maybe it's just 0.01%

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Project name : Chinatown detective 3

type : comedy 、 Reasoning

Production area : Photo taken in mainland China, Beijing, China 、 Tokyo, Japan

The director : Chen Sicheng

The writers : Chen Sicheng

Film producer : Yue Xiang

starring : Baoqiang Wang 、 Liu Haoran 、 Zhang Zifeng 、 My wife and husband, Mu Cong 、 Tonija 、 Yamami nagazawa 、 Dyed grain will be too 、 Naomi Suzuki

Release time : Spring Festival stalls

How can a movie determine if the share is real ?

1. Film investment is allowed by the state , stay 17 There are relevant documents and regulations that allow

2. The capital goes to the public account , Regulated by banks , You don't have to worry about security

3. Sign a paper contract with the producer , With the official seal of the manufacturer , Check whether it is the producer or co producer through cat's eye professional edition

however , Any investment is risky , It's not 100% money to invest in movies , There are also losses , So we need to identify whether the project is worth investing in !

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