How much money is a share invested in coastal confrontation? A share of investment needs tens of thousands? Is it worth investing?
Director Li, film Consultant 2020-11-27 20:28:14

Cinema movies :《 A battle on the sea 》 (IMAX 3D Military action )

The director : Lindero

Film producer : Zhang Tiecheng

Military advisers : Sun Jun

The writers : Wang Gehong

Duration :110 About minutes

The cast : Ding Haifeng , Xu Jia , Han Fei , Ren Dahua , Wang Jinsong , Yu Nan , Gulinaza , Oho , Du Jiang , Lu Jing Shan , Zhong Chu Xi

Production company : Beijing Xiaochi culture media Co., Ltd

The issuing company : By the light film industry 、 Cat's Eye 、 Wanda pictures co released ,500 Home media build momentum ,100 Hard broadcasting in cities ,30 Home network common exposure Promotion , All round publicity for the film

synopsis :

《 A battle on the sea 》 This paper mainly describes the cooperation between a certain Navy surveying and mapping team and special forces 、 Successfully disintegrated the gangster's plot 、 The story of lifting the atoll crisis : A hurricane hit a sea area in China , Innocent fishermen died , The surveying and mapping team went to the accident area to carry out the surveying and mapping task of opening up a new waterway , But met the gangsters on a narrow road , We have launched a campaign to safeguard the rights and interests of the sea 、 The fight for world peace …… For the first time, the film focuses on the Navy surveying and mapping team , It shows the excellent military quality and combat ability of Chinese navy soldiers , They have created both wisdom and courage 、” Have a soul 、 Have the ability to 、 It's bloody 、 Have moral character “ Of “ Four Haves ” Military image .

The investment advantages of the coastal confrontation film :

1. The hottest type of film right now , For standard 《 The red sea action 》

2. Tough guy cast , Ding Haifeng 、 Yu Nan 、 Lu Jing Shan ( Warwolf 2 actor ), Oho 、 Du Jiang ( Chinese captain actor ), Wang Jinsong ( Icebreaker actor ), Ren Dahua 、 Xu Jia et al …… Excellent performance !

3. The Central Military Commission specially approved , Military Guidance , Strong background !

4. A mature creative team , Director lindero , use 3 DIMAX, There is no need to say much about quality !

5 . Strong publicity and distribution team , Embrace Yes 500 Home media build momentum , Light media 、 The cat's eye film , Wanda pictures co released , Chip formation , The scores are guaranteed !

Investment highlights of coastal confrontation :

1、 One of the military action movie series ,3D Military themes , No policy review risk .

2、 Experienced team in military production , The powerful late period .

3、 Military movies are fast-paced 、 Big picture 、 Strong plot .

4、 Market mainstream : The market acceptance of commercial films with realistic themes is high , Wide audience , analogy 《 The red sea action 》36.5 Billion box office . Market outlook : Military themes are scarce subjects , The film market share is insufficient 1%, Broad prospects .

5、 The Central Military Commission directly approved , The relevant departments will do their best to help shoot .

6、 The main producer signs the contract directly with Beijing Xiaochi culture media Co., Ltd .

7、 For the first time in the movie, the littoral battleship was made public 、 The frigate 、 Destroyers and cruisers .

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