Tencent tiktok and Kwai Tai are the biggest winners.
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 Tiktok Kwai Beach , Tencent and today's headlines are the biggest winners ?

In recent days, , News from the market , Tiktok is planning to go to Kwai Kong. IPO. The competition between the two short video companies began to burn into the capital market , This time it was IPO, And behind the two leading enterprises is undoubtedly Tencent and byte beat ( Today's headline ). Only a short while ago ,Tik Tok Escalating events in the US market , Let the outside world have more attention to the short video , This is important for IPO It's certainly helpful . The long-standing Kwai tiktok competition has been long. , Kwai Chi started earlier , But tiktok develops faster. , The competition between them has been very tight , It's going on now IPO It should also be about the front and back feet .

Seize the first share of short video , Actually, it doesn't mean much , It should be that the rhythm of their listing is similar , in other words , It's basically the same with the front and back feet IPO, Whether the capital market can stand or not depends on their respective development prospects and the resulting price orientation , Including the future development trend , What expectations can investors bring , What other stories can be told ? Now , Short video in the coming “ double 11” E-commerce promotion , It's also the magic power of Eight Immortals crossing the sea , Tiktok and Kwai are both planned and strategies. , In the process of short video with goods , And the traditional e-commerce enterprises began to break hands .

It can be predicted that , This year's “ double 11” All kinds of promotion , Short video 、 Live broadcast with goods will become a new scenic spot , From Li Jiaqi 、 Weia, head, etc “ double 11” Warm up with cargo has started , stay 10 month 20 Friday night , Number of people in Weiya live room and Li Jiaqi Live Room , They all exceeded 100 million people . In the super long live broadcast that continues into the early hours of the morning , Li Jiaqi and Weiya obtained 1.62 Eva 1.48 100 million cumulative viewing .

 Tiktok Kwai Beach , Tencent and today's headlines are the biggest winners ?

E-commerce giant Jingdong said , Shopping will be made easier through multiple marketing initiatives . Except for cross store 、 No.1 JINGTIE for all categories , Product page “ Estimated price ” Set up , Consumers will be prompted to use the preferential information , No complicated calculations , The price after discount is clear at a glance . Jingdong also talked about the current hot topic “1 Yuan package ” Join in “ double 11”. Tmall said , Will launch “ super 300 100 million cash subsidies issued directly ”, Mainly 40 Cash bonus 、100 100 million category subsidies and 200 100 million brand large amount coupons ; It also includes 10 Surprise task , First served red packets , Post consumption , as well as 10 A hundred million strokes , Low cost single user can enjoy .

For the two giants of short video , The future is also a strong contender . According to the IFR reports , People familiar with the matter said , The Kwai Fu program will be submitted to Hong Kong for the first time next week. . Earlier, the news was that the Bank of America and Morgan Stanley were Kwai's sponsors. , The valuation has reached a high 500 Billion dollars ( About us 3800 Million Hong Kong dollars ). Kwai Fu was ready to go public at the end of last year. , At that time, the first choice was to go to the U.S. for listing . But in the first half of this year , The listing process was stagnant for a time , Until the middle of this year , The plan to go to Hong Kong for listing was restarted . According to media reports , Kwai this year GMV The goal is 2500 One hundred million yuan .

 Tiktok Kwai Beach , Tencent and today's headlines are the biggest winners ?

The news of the trembling tiktok is also coming out of the Hongkong listing. . Media reports said that byte beating is considering promoting tiktok business in Hongkong alone. . People familiar with the matter say , Goldman Sachs and other investment banks have communicated with byte jump on underwriting matters . Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying , If China business is listed separately , Valuation will exceed 1000 Billion dollars ( about 7800 Million Hong Kong dollars ).

Kwai Chung was founded in 2011 year , On 2012 Transform short video community at the end of the year , So far, the number of active users is close 5 Billion , Breakthrough of daily active users 3 Billion , The Kwai has experienced a lot since its establishment. 9 Round of funding , The investment institutions behind them are powerful , Including Chenxing capital 、 Sequoia Capital 、 Chinese culture fund 、 Baidu 、 tencent 、 Temasek 、 Yunfeng fund, etc . In the latest round of financing , Kwai Fu has raised nearly. 30 Billion dollars .

Now both of them are pouring a lot into the live e-commerce market , This year, both sides have increased the investment in live e-commerce , Tiktok formally formed an electronic business team , And signed a contract with Luo Yonghao to enter the bureau with high profile , Kwai Fu signed Jay Chou. , And it will be the whole year of this year GMV( Website transaction amount ) The goal is 2500 One hundred million yuan , And tiktok live broadcast business. GMV The goal is high 2000 One hundred million yuan . Now the two sides have spread the news of listing , Obviously, more capital can be obtained to further improve its business ecology , Realize the expansion of business layout , At the same time, we will steadily strengthen the e-commerce market .

 Tiktok Kwai Beach , Tencent and today's headlines are the biggest winners ?

Here's the thing to watch , Tiktok , Byte skipping also defines “ Chinese video ” Concept , Tiktok will support horizontal screen. , With watermelon video , Jointly establish the medium video ecology with byte skipping . Medium video refers to 1-30 minute 、 With PGC Content based horizontal screen video , Compared with short video , The vast majority of video is horizontal screen ,PGC( Professional production content ) Higher proportion , It requires the creator to put more energy into the production . Tiktok consumption data ,1-30 Minutes of video viewing exceeded 20%.

It can be predicted that , After having the advantages of traffic and users , It is how to operate through commercialization , Let the flow fall to the ground , And bring about the conversion of income directly , This is why Kwai tiktok and jitter are beginning to enter the electricity business track. , The competition between Kwai tiktok and the jitter will continue. ,IPO Innovation after , And through the realization of their own flow is the key . and IPO After that, the investment talents are the biggest beneficiaries , Tencent and byte jump will undoubtedly benefit a lot .