How to apply SEO in operation
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About SEO Originated in the United States , With the development of the Internet, it has entered China ,SEO With the development of the Internet, it has been evolving and applied .

In the initial PC Time , Putian medical application of the most perfect , News sources , Station group 、 High weight of the station group and search engine keyword for the position , News sources send articles to the media , Title with business keywords / Extended words / The extension of brand words + Keyword setting of the article content ( The density and number of keywords ), Put on the news source platform and input into the search engine , Let the user search , According to the website weight of the platform and the matching relationship of keywords , Show it in front of the customer .

How to play in groups , The first step is to optimize the site's code , Get rid of the extra code , Improve the opening speed and response rate of the website ; Website building site map , Spider crawling for search engines ; Set up each page of the site TKD, Set according to the content of the page TKD, Each page set 3-4 Page optimization ; The publishing of website content also has skill , The choice of website title , according to SEO Keyword selection of , Keyword layout of citations and text , The density and number of keywords ( According to the length of the article 3-5 individual ), The settings of image properties are also followed by keywords SEO, At the same time, do a good job in the key words of the chain and outside the chain settings , It can improve the revenue and ranking of articles in search engines ; Website content layout 、 The setting of inner chain and outer chain , Image optimization is also very important , Let the website deep into the Internet as a technical secondary school platform , Let the spider of search engine crawls ceaselessly , Improve the ranking of web pages , Occupy the front of the customer search engine display page 10 name , Improve the site's click through rate and conversion rate . Station group, as the name implies, is a number of websites , Each website has different keyword settings , To occupy the entire search engine page for the purpose of , Finally, it provides services for the transformation .

High quality platform posting , stay PC There is a group of grassroots stationmaster in the times , utilize SEO Technology optimizes own website , For example, Sina 、 douban 、 Tianya and other platforms , Take advantage of the weight advantage of the platform itself , Post on the platform , Publishing enterprise related content , The previous practice was to advertise directly , But it was deleted by the platform 、 The ban on accounts is also very serious , I don't recommend direct advertising ; Platform has advantages , Search engine crawls the website frequency is high , Also included in the page , And in the keyword display is also at the front . for instance , The largest search engine in China , Baidu, which accounts for half of the search engine , Show more Baidu Q & A 、 Experience in baidu 、 Baidu Encyclopedia 、 Baidu bear account, etc , That's the rule , We're doing free marketing , Can focus on Baidu products , Embed our information and products in content , To achieve product and promotion .

Search engine SEM The launch of , The earliest is to put in keywords , Here to Baidu for analysis . Choice of brand words , Expand and extend with the company's brand name , Case study : brand + product , brand + Price , brand + Word of mouth ……; Product words , With product function 、 service 、 Efficacy as the basic word , Before and after extension of basic words , Case study : product + efficacy , product + service , service + What do I do / Ok or not ……; The key words of bidding cover all aspects , There are 28 principles , Probably 20% The key is that customers often search for ,80% It's part of the customer search , We can't be careless and miss every customer . Keyword selection finished , It's creative writing , Creativity is also inseparable from products , efficacy , Brand, etc , Then show it in front of the customer with adjectives .SEM The continuous development of bidding and creative products , Baidu grade brick 、 Baidu flash investment 、 Baidu information flow, etc. , The user's choice and search are mostly based on keywords , Users usually browse 、 Use the site's pages and habits to push .

 Small white chat operation & Chat SEO How to apply in operation

SEO Keyword selection

SEO The early development of the website is more optimization , Its core value is the use of keyword selection and layout , Increase the front row share of search engines . Entering mobile era , The rise of wechat , Official account development , Short video 、 Progress of live broadcasting , The enterprise is interested in SEO The results of the study are controversial , Website SEO It takes a long time to optimize , Users' views on the website (PC/WAP) Reading time is getting shorter and shorter , We need to constantly invest resources to optimize , It takes up a lot of resources , More and more enterprises give up , Choose to invest and transform in other channels .

Personal understanding SEO As the value of keyword selection and layout , It's just another way to use it on a variety of platforms , Its core is how to choose the key words of enterprises and products , With core keywords ( product 、 brand ) Based on , Continue to expand the long tail words 、 Competitive words and related business words , Grab the front end of user search .

For example , Online retailers APP Taobao we use more , A user wants to buy an air conditioner , user A Know which brand to buy , user B I don't know which brand of air conditioner to buy . user A Open Taobao APP, The first step will open Taobao Search , Input Midea air conditioner , The search box will show the relevant keywords searched by other users ( One of the methods of keyword selection ), The page shows all kinds of series of Midea air conditioner and different products of various flagship stores and exclusive stores , The keyword setting for each product is a long one , There are adjectives 、 function word 、 Model, etc , Of course , The cost promotion shown at the front , The ranking of a product is comprehensive , Such as store credit 、 Order quantity 、 Favorable rate 、 Flow rate 、 Page traffic rate and other comprehensive score , This one doesn't go into detail , Algorithms for each platform are needed to optimize product rankings .

 Small white chat operation & Chat SEO How to apply in operation

SEO Keyword optimization

user B If you enter in Taobao Search “ Air conditioner ” Results and users A Very different , The key to the emergence of search engines is air conditioning related , The principles are the same , Because the title is set differently , Users search for different products , In the selection and setting of time to consider the user's search habits , Also consider the attributes of the product , Improve page open rate and order rate .

 Small white chat operation & Chat SEO How to apply in operation

SEO Keyword optimization

Speaking of this, we can spread our thinking ,SEO Keyword optimization of , In different products, there are applications . Name selection of official account , The title of the content , Key words of the text ( Quantity and density ) Layout , All of them give priority to customers when they search . Short video # key word # And the platform # topic of conversation #, They're all important displays . Hot topics in microblog , also SEO Application of key words .

In the daily life of operation , We can use SEO Keyword technology of , Select company 、 Keywords for users' search habits , Expand the content of the official account 、 Website TKD Optimize , Search engine product channel promotion and so on , Improve overall efficiency .

This is the end of today's sharing , It may not be detailed and simple enough , More experiences and ideas will be shared later , Thank you for sharing , Interested parties can pay attention to the official account. “ Small white chat operation ” Communicate more !

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