The minimum wage guarantee line in 2020 will be 26400 yuan
There are trees in summer 2020-11-27 18:08:09
News from this newspaper ( The reporter Jieli ) Yesterday, ,2020 Beijing industry wage guidelines released in . Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security that , The wage guideline of each industry is based on the normal production and operation 、 Companies with good profitability 2019 Annual sales revenue 、 It is formed by processing and sorting out the data of employees' labor remuneration . The industry wage guidelines released this time involve food manufacturing 、 Automobile manufacturing 、 House building 、 Department store retail 、 Tourist hotels 、 Real estate development and operation 、 Publishing, etc 13 Industries . The minimum wage guarantee line 26400 element , Compared with last year's 25920 Yuan increased 480 element .

The Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security said , The minimum wage guarantee line is stipulated in the industry guidance line , This year is 26400 element , It's the minimum wage adjusted last year 2200 element / The annual level of the monthly composite calculation .

The Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security emphasizes , Because the city's minimum wage standard does not include workers in the middle class 、 The night shift 、 The high temperature 、 low temperature 、 Underground 、 Toxic and harmful special working environment 、 Allowance under conditions ; Workers deserve overtime work 、 Pay more ; All kinds of social insurance premium and housing accumulation fund that laborer individual should pay ; Other income not included in the minimum wage standard according to the regulations of the state and the city , Therefore, the minimum wage guarantee line of the industry wage guidance line is only the theoretical minimum value . In the practical application of enterprises , Except in extreme cases , There is no need to refer to this line . Enterprises in related industries can follow the industry wage guidelines , Refer to the relevant indicators of different economic types , Reasonably determine the average wage level of employees .
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