How to improve the flow of natural search
Tender in autumn 2020-11-27 18:08:06
Every e-commerce seller wants to increase free search traffic , Because search traffic is relatively accurate , And as long as it's increasing , There will be a steady upward trend . But a lot of sellers can't do that well , What is the cause of this ? Let's start with a simple theoretical search value , How to optimize and improve the presentation of natural search , This sharing article tells you one by one .

One 、 The value of search traffic

To do a good job of free search traffic , We need to understand what search traffic brings us , And why Taobao should give us the display of search traffic . These are the principles we need to be familiar with , Because when you don't have good search traffic into the store , It may be that the optimization has been wrong since the beginning . So why are there mistakes in the beginning , Because you don't understand some of the principles and basic requirements of search traffic .

1、 Baby new , The first traffic you can get is search traffic . Because at the beginning, your basic sales and evaluation didn't have , Driving is futile . And your crowd tag doesn't form , Hand Taotao home page is also very few . So the first thing that baby gets after new is search traffic , And search traffic is Taobao to support one of the flow , Control it , It's not a big problem that your product flow continues to rise .

2、 In the Amoy system , Search traffic can be said to be the most stable traffic , Search traffic is incremental growth and long-term stable development ; And the mobile home page traffic is explosive growth , That is, the label is formed to push a wave of traffic, try your conversion after-sales ability , If it doesn't , Hand Taotao home page traffic drops quickly , That is to say, it will come soon , Go too fast .

3、 Taoxi is in operation , Search traffic and home page traffic , Taobao is the seller most want to fight for two big flow . Because it's free traffic , And both have different characteristics , Especially search traffic , Because of the high accuracy, the conversion rate is relatively good , So hand Taobao search traffic has become the most wanted flow pool for sellers .

4、 Steady rise , Search traffic can't rush to success . Because search traffic is through the comprehensive weight of baby , For example, click on 、 Collection 、 Transform these indicators to improve the ranking of single products , The way to do these indicators well is to accumulate them continuously , Instead of just throwing money 、 Lose money , It's not a long way to go .

The value of search traffic , When we understand , We also need to know how the flow formula comes from : Flow formula = show * Click through rate .

Two 、 How to improve natural search presentation

After understanding the value of search display to baby and shop , Next, we need to know how to improve the performance of natural search traffic .

To improve search traffic, we need to do a good job in the title 、 key word 、 Long tail words 、 A series of words, such as big words , We're going to dig for these words , To develop , To go deep and do the weight . When the weight is increased , To get more search rankings , Get more search traffic , So when it comes to improving search rankings , All we have to do is the keywords and the title .

First of all, how to do the title , What's the right way to do it ? Here's a detailed description of :

1、 Recognize the importance of headlines and avoid mistakes :

The role of cognitive titles , It's the ability to bring a comprehensive ranking to the baby 、 Display of search weight . title 30 Words are combined by keywords , That keyword should contain : Brand words ( not essential )+ The main search word + Attribute words + Interest words + Season words + Promotional words 、、、、、 Such as multiple . The title of different categories is different , But let's be clear , Is the title of the combination of keywords can not be stacked , There is no repetition in the main search words , Because it will find a search opportunity .

2、 Find words

Then how to find the right word ? I believe that the seller friends who have seen me share before know , I've shared a dry article about finding words , I'd like to say that again , I won't be able to get pictures , You can go back to the post I shared before :

1) Search dropdown box ;2) Business consultant, word selection assistant ;3) Through train key words ;4) Mobile phone Taobao home tag search words

These four methods are enough to find your own keywords 、 Tag words , Reasonable use of your own title . Of course , When making headlines , What we want to distinguish is whether the keywords are suitable for their own categories and products . For example, what you do is “ Dress flowers ”, And you see “ Dress pattern ” More people search for , If you use this kind of keyword , The correlation with baby is not high , Then your search weight will be reduced accordingly . So don't use keywords that are not suitable for you .

3、 ... and 、 Increase the click through rate of pictures , With the title of the flow into the store

Different master charts produce different click through rates , When you can improve your search rankings , Your master image gives you a better sense of vision , Then your traffic will increase accordingly . If the ranking goes up , But your main map does not do a good job in the flow, it will not enter the store , Because there was no click .

So how should we do the main map click ?

1、 Understand the role of the main graph

The Title Optimization we mentioned above 、 Keyword search 、 Key words combination , In fact, it is to improve the search ranking and better show it to the buyers of search , But if you do a good search ranking, but the main map is not very good to attract buyers , You can't improve your traffic either , So the vision of the main image is a very important point , It can even be said that it is a certain promotion plan 、 A color match , Will get different click through effect .

2、 The detail node of the main graph attracts the click

A main image can get good clicks , In addition to the overall visual sense , Also need to pay attention to is a fine node . Maybe a change has been made in some detail , Maybe your click through rate can be greatly improved :

Look at the third main graph , It's a time when we all focus on white background , This product makes a cat's hand from the picture , It's just sensory , In fact, the click through rate and the strength to attract buyers can be greatly improved .

3、 Attractive force

scene : For the use of the product scenarios are the same , When the buyer sees the usage scenario , You can clearly know whether the product you need is this , To attract buyers to click on , Look at the picture :

The first picture , What stands out is the beauty of the product .

The second picture , What stands out is the wearing effect of the product .

The third picture, the fourth picture , What stands out is the quality of the product .

Each picture has its own selling point and buyer's demand , But most buyers will choose to click on the third picture .

Optimize from the core attraction point , Extract from the selling points . When we have finished the introduction of the selling points and functions of the product , We can test the click through different channels . For example, fast through train 、 Super recommendation , It can test out the real effect of pictures more quickly , So as to know whether the click through rate of the main map of our product is up to the standard , Whether it can be our product's baby master map .

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