Be caught by eggshell, how to do?
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How big is the pit

The eggshell storm intensified .

I'm afraid no one could have expected , At the beginning “ Let young people live in the city with dignity ” This eggshell apartment under the banner , It has forced its tenants and landlords into a vortex of disputes that are neither dignified nor dignified .

A video has been exposed on the Internet a few days ago , Due to the eggshell, the rent is not paid , The landlord came to collect the house , A female tenant is facing each other with a knife , The language is fierce . There are also media reports that , A Beipiao model borrowed 8000 Yuan to pay the rent for the eggshell , But the rent is not paid to the landlord , The tenant was asked to move away , Even the idea of suicide .

The landlords and tenants who had never met before began to “ Strike violently ”. Some landlords and tenants change locks back and forth ; Some tenants go home and find their luggage thrown out of the door ; Some landlords lose tens of thousands of yuan and find that the tenants still refuse to move away .

As a long-term apartment operator , Eggshells are supposed to be the bridge between the landlord and the tenant . But now eggshells are suffering from a capital chain crisis , Let the landlord and the tenant become the undertaker : It's fruitless for one party to ask for rent , I can't get my house back ; The other party paid the rent in advance , And face the risk of being driven out . Because of the silence of the middleman , Between the two victims , Contradictions are intensifying .

Around the eggshell event , On the major platforms , There are hundreds of rights groups , There are... For landlords 、 There are... For tenants 、 There's also... For suppliers , Covering Beijing 、 Chengdu 、 Suzhou 、 Wuhan and other places . It's hard to see the loss of the whole eye , Stop loss in time 、 Escape eggshell , Become the helpless choice of many people .

Can eggshells be saved ?

Last week, , Because at one time it was said that I love my family and that I would take eggshells , Eggshell share price soared for two days in a row . But then , I love my family that I have not received such news or notice .

So will any enterprise or institution take over the eggshell in the final stage ? Insiders believe that , There is no such institution yet , It's very unlikely .

Hu Jinghui, chief economist of Jinghui think tank , Eggshells are now close to 50 Wanjian is in charge of the housing supply , On average, the rent of one room or at least half a year cannot be paid rigidly . Every month 3000 Yuan calculation , Half a year is 1.8 Ten thousand yuan ,50 Ten thousand rooms are 90 One hundred million yuan , Plus eggshell arrears and supplier payments , The funding gap may exceed 100 One hundred million yuan . Facing such a big gap , At present, other operators are afraid or unable to take over .

Take the apartment of the same head enterprise of long-term rental apartment as an example ,2019 Throughout the year , To realize income 18.7 One hundred million yuan , At that time, the scale of management in the whole country was 27.6 Thousands of sets of , On average , The monthly revenue of each suite is less than 600 element .

There are also people familiar with the matter , In fact, the eggshell left “ pit ” It's not as big as you think , According to the measured , Eggshell's current funding gap is about 53 One hundred million yuan , If you can get 20 Billion yuan of investment , Cash flow can turn around .

The focus of the conflict may be on management ability . Take Xiangyu as an example , stay 27 On the basis of management scale , To take over the eggshell equivalent to twice the size , Even if there's enough money , I'm afraid it's hard to keep up with operational capacity .

“ The best model for now may be new capital into eggshell Holdings , Still using eggshell's original team , Gradually cut the loss of housing ”, Industry insiders said .

But if there is no capital investment , Then the loss of the eggshell can only be digested internally . According to Hu Jinghui , The final solution might be the landlord 、 Tenants and Rent providers share the loss .

Caught in the eggshell , What do I do ?

Mr. Pan, who lives in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, is the landlord of eggshells .

“ Eggshells don't pay rent ,10 Monthly rent , I haven't received it yet , Has more than 15 It's been working days , Eggshell has broken the contract ”, I've been forced to land rent before 、 Mr. Pan, who is forced to pay monthly rent instead of quarterly rent, says , Now I hope to break the contract with eggshell , Get the house back .

He said , We have gone to the dispute settlement point of Xiongfei center located in Tidu street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City , Submit an application for termination .“ The receptionist told me ,15 The tenants will be cleared within days , After the clearance , And sign a termination agreement with me ”.

The tenant problem is more difficult to deal with . The reporter learned that , If it comes to rent loans , We promise , The tenants who were forced to move out were at least 2021 year 3 month 31 Before , Its credit reference will not be affected . But for tenants who have already paid a year's rent in advance , Because the landlord didn't receive the rent , Maybe the money won't come back , Will be asked to move away by the landlord .

In the rights group , Some tenants have taken the initiative to terminate the contract , Waiting for eggshell refund , There are also many tenants who say “ I have to live when I pay , To fight the landlord to the end ”.

The focus of the problem is : If the landlord has terminated the contract with the eggshell , Can the tenant be asked to move out ? At present, on this issue , There are different voices in the legal world .

Beijing PCCW ( Shanghai ) Gao Lilin, a lawyer at the law firm, believes that , The landlord is the property owner , Real right is an absolute right ,( After the termination of the contract ) The landlord can go and collect the house . How long can a tenant stay ? Gao Lilin said , Before the termination of the contract between the landlord and the eggshell , All tenants can live in , But once the landlord and eggshell lease contract is terminated , Then the eggshell and tenant contract no longer exist .

Wang Yuchen, director of Beijing Golden law firm, holds the opposite view . He thinks that , The tenant has the right to continue to perform the lease contract , Neither the platform nor the landlord has the right to ask the tenant to move in advance . Whether the landlord and the platform are entrusted or leased ( It depends on the contract , In both cases ), The landlord can only find a platform , And you can't take any enforcement measures directly against the tenant .

There have been platforms or intermediaries in the past “ run ”, How is the problem solved ? Housing rental industry experts say , It's mainly a matter of negotiation between the tenant and the landlord , In the past, most of the losses were borne by both the tenant and the landlord . But landlords can't force tenants out , Or threaten tenants to move away by cutting off water and electricity .

What did the eggshells do wrong ?

From the darling of capital (5 Eight large-scale financing in 1998 , Total about 10 Billion dollars ), To now, a chicken feather , There's no one to pick it up . The trouble with eggshells can be said to be the long-term rental apartments in China “ Growing pains ” A miniature of .

since this year on , Long rental apartment industry “ There's a lot of thunder ”. This year, 8 month , Hangzhou long rent apartment friends 、 Nest guests are one after another “ Thunderstorm ”, thereafter , Moral 、 Enjoy 、 Lanyue apartment has also been revealed to be empty .

Poor management , Bankruptcy is normal for every industry , But why has the long-term rental apartment industry become so intense recently ?

If you repeat the offer , Three major problems can be found :

First of all , By capital “ Kidnap ”, Rapid expansion . Massive capital injection , Promote rapid expansion of eggshell , The layout of the city rapidly expanded to Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen 、 Hangzhou 、 tianjin 、 wuhan 、 nanjing 、 Chengdu 、 Suzhou 、 wuxi 、 Chongqing 、 Xi'an, etc 13 The earth . According to the eggshell apartment Quarterly Report , In the first quarter of this year, eggshell apartments owned 41.9 Ten thousand apartments , The same period last year 27 Ten thousand apartments .

In order to expand market share faster , Eggshell chooses high price to check in , Let it out at a low price , This also foreshadows the subsequent financial chain crisis . While expanding rapidly , Eggshell management can't keep up with the expansion speed , Leading to a decline in service levels .

The first quarter of this year , Eggshell apartment net loss RMB 12.344 One hundred million yuan , Compared with last year's net loss, RMB 8.162 One hundred million yuan , The loss area has expanded significantly .

second , Epidemic situation and other sudden causes , Let the house not be so easy to rent , Rents have also fallen . After the outbreak , Many people lose their income , Leave the big city , The vacancy rate of rental housing is rising . freely CEO Xiong Lin has previously said that , Long term apartments are operated on a large scale with low gross profit , If the rental rate can't be achieved 95%, There is no profit .

in addition , In the past two years, , Beijing and other places are right about “N+1”( Partition the living room into a single living room ) There was a massive clean-up , In the past ,N+1 It is an important source of profit for decentralized long-term apartments .

Third , The government doesn't keep up with regulation . The current housing policy is not perfect , For long-term apartments 、 Internet rental and other new things not enough supervision . Many long-term apartments involve rent loans and other issues , Once there's a storm , It's like a scene “ Ponzi scheme ”, Amplify the risk at the same time , It also brings great difficulty to the aftermath .

Out of the eggshell , What to do later ?

“ The problem has already happened , Bite your teeth and bear the loss , Get out of the eggshell ”, This represents the psychology of many landlords and tenants . But what to do next ?

Landlords still have a need to rent , Tenants still need to rent , The existence of the middle actually facilitates both , If you really kick the middle out , landlord or landlady 、 There's a lot of trouble with the tenants .

The landlord rents it directly , You need to find your own tenants , It's also inevitable that when there's something wrong with the facilities inside the house , To repair or solve ; tenant , In particular, it is difficult for a tenant who only needs to rent a single room to find a suitable house . There is a huge potential demand for long-term apartments , But how can we fundamentally solve the development dilemma ?

People in the industry suggest , First , It is necessary to establish an industry access system . Not everyone can afford to rent an apartment for a long time , Must have certain qualification and management level . Refer to Taiwan 、 Housing rental supervision in Japan and other places , Professionals must work with certificates .

secondly , Set up risk margin matching the scale . Renting is a high-frequency transaction , If all rents are regulated , Then the industry will probably no longer exist . therefore , We can refer to the deposit reserve system of commercial banks , It is mandatory for leasing enterprises to set a certain proportion of reserves . The money will be like an invisible piece of “ Rope ”, When the enterprise expands too fast , Put them “ Pull back ”. Once the risk occurs , These reserves can also reduce the loss of landlords and tenants to some extent .
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