How to write a voice operation plan that the boss tiktok can understand?
Li Xiaoming 2020-11-27 18:08:02
In Wuhan , Yes 10.7 Ten thousand people released it 25.9 Million videos , It was watched by users all over the country 33 100 million times . In the video released during the Spring Festival , Yes 237 Ten thousand videos have something to do with not going out ,105 Thousands of videos remind people to wear masks , topic of conversation “ Travel at home ” Played 21 100 million times .“ Cloud Office ” A week of , Yes 5.7 Ten thousand videos record the real state of working from home .

An epidemic , Let a lot of people begin to pay attention to the spread of short video , Based on this data , The operation of tiktok has been put on the agenda by many small and medium-sized enterprises. . Two days ago, my friend and I communicated , That's what their company is like , The boss asked her to write a tiktok operation plan. , She wrote , But the boss was completely dissatisfied , Not bad , It's too big , Many professional terms , The boss doesn't understand at all . therefore , A friend asked a question : How to write a copy , Let the boss tiktok understand the operation plan? ?

In fact, I have encountered the troubles of my friends , Many times , I think I can learn from the dry goods sent to the group , Was stopped by the boss , I think we should not keep on making some theories that we can't understand . How to emphasize practical operation rather than theory , Write a voice operation plan that the boss tiktok. ?

One 、 Tiktok operation plan , What needs to be included ?

Let's talk about , A complete operation plan for tiktok , What can be included ?

1. location

Since this plan is for the boss to see , No need to write about who the users are , Because the boss would say , Everyone is , For which users , I know myself in my heart . location , It mainly includes 3 Aspect content :
  • form : The real person appeared 、 Caricature personification 、 Pets 、 Image & Text 、PPT etc. , In these forms , Analyze the company's resources , Identify one of them ;
  • type : Funny 、 The plot 、 Evaluation 、 commentary 、 dried food 、 The list 、 Technology, etc. , alike , It is better to use the expertise of specific operators , To determine the type ;
  • industry : food 、 tourism 、 Agriculture, rural areas and farmers 、 education 、 entertainment 、 Technology 、 In the workplace 、 Make up, etc , The company wants to do tiktok. , In fact, generally speaking , There has been a tendency towards the industry , This part is relatively easy to decide .

These three aspects are framed , In fact, the user group is almost fixed , At the same time, the positioning is given , State the reasons , It is best to complement the company's products , The boss is easy to accept . such as , This positioning , Help to promote the company's product sales or boost the company's brand .

2、 Preparation

Tocqueville said , If you don't prepare well in advance , Opportunities will be useless . Although it can't be consumed indefinitely , But there has to be preparation . Include , Preparation conditions 、 Two parts of preparing the key action .

Preparation conditions . This part , It's telling the boss , What is the minimum cost of doing it . Tiktok requires certain equipment and personnel. , Search ahead for software that can help with quick editing , For example, cut and reflect ; A mobile phone that can be used tiktok. ( Log on different mobile phone numbers tiktok on the same phone. , Frequent switching , Will be judged as a marketing number , Restricted current , Guarantee one machine, one card and one account number ); Tiktok registration related information ( The best way to register , It is registered by mobile phone number , And bind the headline number .

In the process of registering an account , Remember to use data traffic , Avoid the same WiFi Affected by other accounts ); Competitor account attention ( It is used for imitation and breeding ). Period of preparation conditions , It's usually a week , All the conditions you listed , It can be done in a week !

Prepare for key actions . This part , It's about asking the boss for buffer time . About tiktok operation , In the early stage , There is a key action that is necessary , That's the raising number . Many people have a mistake , The tiktok is on the line. , It's time to release the video , And then I started staring at the data .

It's not right , The newly registered account is maintained first , Tiktok before the official release of the vibrato creation content , Xianyanghao 5-7 God , The main purpose is to increase the initial weight of the account . Raising a number is to simulate human behavior , give the thumbs-up 、 Focus on 、 Comment on 、 Share 、 Watch the live broadcast 、 Online hours ( everyday 1 Hour or so , In the afternoon )…… And what you're doing here , It has to do with your content positioning , It's your vertical domain , This is the time , The competitors you focus on are very important .

A short period of preparation should be presented in the early stage 、 The process is simple and easy to operate , But it has the necessary characteristics , Generally speaking , A week , The boss can still afford it . You don't make it clear , He asked for it today , You're going to have a result tomorrow .

3、 Content direction

Positioning , Be on it , Then you need to give it to your boss , Some operable contents , It's when he doesn't know what to do , Give him an idea . Include :

IP The establishment of the : In the form of expression 、 Type and Industry Based , Personalize your account , For example, onion group's tiktok. , Most of them are mythological characters , So the company's IP Well ? This IP It is equivalent to a carrier , Just like before, we made WeChat official account. , It's not a small part , There will be microenterprises 、 Little cousin 、 Xiaoxin and other titles are the same . Tell the boss , What is the company's tiktok? , He understood .

Direction of topic selection : When the boss saw the plan , There must be a question , What can be done ? that , You have to provide some references , For example, tourism , Specific to the time point 、 place 、 Scene, etc , Give the boss a picture .

Duration of content : Some bosses , Feel tiktok longer and better. , It's not , Tiktok , While expressing clearly , One second is a second . Tiktok recommendation mechanism , Recommended according to account weight , There will be three levels :

200—500 Left and right flow , In about an hour , It can be 100 percent 10 As well as a few comments 60% Completion rate, etc , The platform will give a second recommendation .

1000—5000 Left and right flow , Video playback volume reached 5000 above , And the number of likes is higher than 100, More comments than 10 Basically, it will be recommended to the next level .

The third time is tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of traffic , And so on .

in general , Tiktok , Play volume ( Completion rate )> Like > Comment quantity > Forwarding volume . So what you need to convince your boss is , The longer the video , The lower the completion rate , The less conducive to communication .

4、 Extension

Video production completed , After upload and launch , The boss must want good data , How can we have good data ? Promotion is essential !

Start from the inside : There were no fans in the early stage , We can only mobilize our friends and relatives , Ensure the completion rate of the initial stage 、 Likes and comments, etc . This step , It's easy to get the boss's support .

Starting from the outside : The boss likes to be short and quick , The best way is to use it DOU+ Popular , But you tell the boss that , He doesn't have to understand . You tell him , How much is the budget per month , It's enough to guarantee the number of hits per video . There are other ways, of course , It depends on the nature of the company , There are also advantages and disadvantages of channels .

5、 Data indicators

Data indicators here , Not data analysis in the sense of operators , It is KPI indicators , That is to say , In the plan , You have to give the boss what you can do . Data analysis , It's just the process of getting there , The boss doesn't want to know .

Weekly update frequency 、 Click count per video 、 Ladder growth cycle of indicators ( The first 1 The number of hits per month and the number of 2 Months of hits difference ) etc. , Let the boss know , He can just stare at anything .

6、 Division of labor

Last , You have to tell the boss about the division of labor , Who is going to do these things , Who is in charge of these things , Who is responsible for the final result , Who did he ask for information . Give the boss a target , So that he can trace it .


Two 、 Tiktok operation plan points

The plan shown to the boss is not the same as that shown to the customer , There are several points to pay attention to :

1、 Eliminate redundant

In the plan , We like to write background analysis 、 Analysis of current situation 、 Competitor analysis, etc , To prove the necessity of things . But now that the boss has decided to do it , He doesn't need to see this , let me put it another way , He saw that , I decided to do it , There's no need to repeat it .

2、 Eliminating technical terms

In the plan for the boss , Don't have jargon , The same meaning , Put it in a human way , It's easier for bosses to understand . Too profound a theory , He doesn't understand at all .

3、 Extract key data

A plan , The boss will focus on three data , Budget data 、 Start up cycle 、 Outcome indicators , You have to present the data .

4、 Avoid oneness

Many small and medium-sized enterprises , In the plan for the boss , All are word file , Even if there are pictures in the document , For the boss , It's a bit of a struggle , The best way is , Make it PDF, Convenient for boss to check on mobile phone .

5、 Participation in the presentation process

The boss likes to see the results , Unless the process requires him to typeset . therefore , In the plan , In addition to getting approval from the boss 、 The process of support , Some details of the operation process , For example, how to design the cover , How to optimize the title , The boss doesn't care .

In this article , I'm talking about the boss , It's about bosses who don't know about new media , For a knowledgeable boss , It will make a difference . A little discussion , I hope that's helpful .

source : Notes of brother bird , author : Flower sprouting master
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