Kinghdown - free and speed limited Baidu online disk file download tool
Although Baidu network disk officially launched a free acceleration client , But when users download some relatively unpopular resource files , Such as office documents and so on , Most of the time, there will still be tortoise speed , It's a headache .

And the third party's dial downloader , Different dimensions have mentioned Pandownload substitute 「 Thunderbird Download 」. And recently we have seen a different way of thinking Baidu online disk does not speed limit download tool ——KinhDown. Its biggest feature is to find out the real address of the dial file through cloud analysis to break the speed limit , At the same time, it can match IDM Wait for the download tool to speed up the download

KinhDown Is a completely free Baidu disk, no speed limit / Speed up download Tools , It can help you in the absence of Purchase dial VIP members Under the circumstances , Ignore the speed limit , To achieve free high-speed download Baidu network disk file resources , It saves you time and effort .

KinhDown - Free no speed limit Baidu online disk file to speed up the download tool

You just need to input Baidu disk file sharing link ,KinhDown Cloud resolution can be done automatically , And start Speed up download . its PC The version has built-in Aria2c As a download function . meanwhile , Its biggest feature is that it can be used in KinhDown Call inside IDM「Internet Download Manager」、XDown Wait for professional downloaders to take over , And get faster download speed of multi line disk .

KinhDown - Free no speed limit Baidu online disk file to speed up the download tool

KinhDown Cross platform support Windows and Android Android platform , And if you are macOS user , have access to Parallels Desktop Wait for virtual machine software to use it .

KinhDown Usage method

KinhDown It's easy to use , After starting, click “ Open resources ”, Then input Baidu network disk file sharing URL and extraction code to start downloading , Very convenient .

KinhDown - Free no speed limit Baidu online disk file to speed up the download tool

If you want to download files from your own network disk , It's in 「 resource list 」→「 Resource management 」 Right click on the blank space of , choice 「 increase 」 Account number , Log in to your dial account according to the prompt ( It is suggested to use the trumpet here ).

use IDM Download Baidu network disk file / Resolve the real download address

KinhDown The biggest feature can be achieved through 「 Cloud analysis 」 Function to obtain the real download address of Baidu network disk file , And cooperate with IDM And other professional download tools for multi-threaded accelerated download . The actual measurement uses ,KinhDown Download speed is really fast ! Basically ,300M Can run at full speed , Some even ran to 70MB/s, It's very satisfying for free .

KinhDown - Free no speed limit Baidu online disk file to speed up the download tool

And now KinhDown The update is still relatively timely , Even if Baidu network disk to API The interface has been greatly modified , The author has followed up and updated ,PC Both the Android and Android versions have been maintained , So it should still be able to work normally in the short term .

PanDownload A cool substitute

In Alibaba cloud, the network disk has not been officially launched 、 Thunder net disk can't lift waves 、115 When the cost of online disk is more expensive , Baidu disk is still the main force of sharing files online . So be a PanDownload Fall down , And then download it like Thunderbird 、KinhDown Wait for the substitute to stand up again .

KinhDown Screenshot of Android mobile version :

KinhDown - Free no speed limit Baidu online disk file to speed up the download tool

Of course , Whereas KinhDown It's a third-party tool , part Antivirus software It may indicate toxic , Trust or not can only be said to have different opinions . At the same time, it will be subject to a lot of constraints ( For example, if Baidu changes the interface, it can't be used ), therefore , It is inevitable that sometimes it can't be parsed or downloaded normally . Or wait for the author to update , Or try another tool . And want long-term stability 、 And account security , Or suggest spending money Upgrade the dial VIP members worry .

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