3C tiktok outsourcing price? Which one is better?
Xinde Yuejie 2020-11-27 17:42:31

3C Digital products have always been the consumer products in a certain treasure East , With the popularity of short video , More and more companies are moving these products to the tiktok. 、 Kwai , Also led to a large number of users in the short video order consumption . A lot of enterprises a treasure East business is good , To the era of short video , Discovery is much more complicated , Looking for an outsourcing team doesn't know what price is normal , Which one is reliable , I'll give you some advice today .

3c Tiktok outsourcing pricing standard

Tiktok, a company that bamboo shoots after a spring rain, is also coming out of a large number of short videos. , When the market supervision mechanism is not complete , You can't avoid fishing in troubled waters . In the meantime, it also reminds the vast number of enterprises to tiktok their eyes when they are looking for the generation companies that are shaking their voice. , Choose carefully . Price , The most important problem that enterprises always pay attention to . The cost of the whole tiktok operation is mainly reflected in account planning. 、 Video production 、 Expose these aspects of operation , Without considering the cost of actors , It is reasonable to control the cost of one month between 10000 and 25000 . The most important thing is to find the tiktok company that can serve our account well. .

Which company is reliable tiktok?

Price is the most important issue concerned by enterprises , The next thing to determine is whether the chosen company is reliable , This is crucial . Here we suggest that we should choose a long time of establishment , A company with prudent commitment . Why do you say that? , Our research found that there are many established only half a year in the market , Even the one month old tiktok company has many. , I don't recommend a choice here , Or should we choose a company that has focused on new media industry for many years, such as jutui media , Not only have rich experience , There are many cases to learn from . Look at the new companies , Take some cases of large enterprises to tell customers . I wonder , The case has been done for a long time than the establishment of their company , How do they do it for people . There is also a kind of cooperation that can not meet any requirements , Many enterprises are puzzled , Is it not good to be satisfied with everything . I just need to be reminded , Many new companies are trying to survive , They exaggerate their abilities too much , The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment .

That's all for today , You must have a lot of doubts , We are jutui media , Deeply cultivate new media agent operation 6 year , Tiktok operation 2 Years of time , There are too many experiences to draw on directly , There is so much to learn , If you want to know more , Tiktok service , Find out what the cost is , Please add wechat /QQ:2696584379, Or telephone 010-86399611, Let jutui chat with you face to face .

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