Which virtual host is the best
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Small and medium-sized enterprises are building stations , Limited by the cost of capital , The first space product to consider is the virtual host . So which virtual host is the best to use has become a common concern . Easy to use virtual host can not only ensure the stable operation of the website , It can also make small and medium-sized enterprises convenient in the later management , Reduce the hassle and cost of migration .

Western Digital has been established in China 17 Brand host provider in 2007 , We have been providing high quality service to our customers with professional standards , Its virtual host is based on a huge cloud computing platform , Easy to manage 、 Stable performance , There are multiple security strategies .

One 、 Virtual host management

Users can manage the virtual space through the background of service provider website or independent control panel .

Through the user name registered in the Western Digital website 、 password , Log in to the member management center , Enter the virtual host management in the management center . You can see all the virtual machines you buy , The running status can be queried 、 Check the domain name 、FTP Account 、 Contract content , Single management 、 upgrade 、 Renewal and so on , You can also submit a work order to solve the problem .

adopt FTP User name and password , You can log in to the independent control panel directly , In the control panel , In addition to website space , And the corporate post office 、 Database management . Users can perform such as backup and recovery 、 Website moving and other file management functions , Can also be realized https And so on , Check the usage and operation of the host , It has all kinds of functions .

Two 、 In terms of virtual host speed

Western digital host rental support Baidu cloud acceleration , You can enjoy Baidu's massive CDN Node resource , Rich node resources , Global coverage , Unlimited traffic to provide users with accelerated Services . Except for the high speed CDN, also 1000M Shared bandwidth , Multi line deployment is optional for users , Data is distributed to high-speed nodes , Let the website visit as smooth as the LAN .

 Which virtual host is the best to use

3、 ... and 、 Virtual host upgrade

Virtual host online upgrade is convenient , And it has the portability of Cloud Computing . Western Digital can be hyper-V Host migration provides services , But you need to use vhd Virtual hard disk format .vhd yes hyper-v Virtual disk used by the host , utilize vhd File import elastic cloud server can import data completely , Avoid the hassle of relocating environments and websites .

The import function of elastic cloud virtual host , Support users to put traditional hosts ( rent 、 trusteeship 、VPS etc. ) Smooth migration to cloud computing platform , The user just needs to update the device driver , The environment data and other configuration files will be preserved as is .

Four 、 Virtual host security

All cloud virtual machines are deployed in the application layer WAF defense , Website firewall can effectively prevent CC,DDos,Xss,sql Inject , Protect against upload vulnerabilities 、 Hang a horse 、 Tampering and other hacking ; Cloud virtual host supports mass virus mass killing function , The virus Trojan caused by website loophole 、 Toxic documents 、 Illegal malformed documents, etc .

Western digital host does not need to be independent IP, Full support SSL Security deployment , Ensure the safety of website communication 、 Ensure that business data is not tampered with 、 Let the cat out of the , At the same time, it avoids the risk of phishing websites ; Support quick view of virtual host status , Some user specific information can be easily tested , Troubleshooting server management .

therefore , Easy to use virtual host products recommended Western Digital website . Not only is the performance excellent , And it's cheap , Space products 48 element / From the year onwards , Various types of configuration to meet the needs of different users . Product details check https://www.west.cn/services/webhosting/

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