How to get married wedding dresses in tiktok
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I've never had many Wedding dress industry In the mouth of business friends , I often hear a sentence “ current Wedding dress Business is getting worse and worse ”. Analyze carefully , That's true ,— Whole Wedding dress industry Affected by economic environment and other factors , In brand awareness 、 Product sales and other aspects are facing greater challenges , Most garment business owners are looking for new online growth opportunities .


Wedding dress Big challenge of similar account

After analyzing the market content and data, we found that Wedding dress Companies operate accounts on the tiktok platform. , Also facing challenges . At present, the inventory shows that Wedding dress There are several problems facing the class account :

1、 Positioning account :

Tiktok platform , Unclear account location , Don't know what to release or how to operate .

2、 Content publishing :

The audience is not clear , The video content will be targeted at buyers , For wholesalers later , Lead to content confusion ; Content is not focused , Only product display , Do you mean it bright , No selling point ; Confusion of content subject , The life content and product content of the video publisher are integrated , Not conducive to the accumulation of target fans .

3、 Product level :

No addition V authentication , Cause your video to be stolen by others , Or fans are cheated about the wrong account , Influence retention clues ; Some business owners are not clear about the product function , No conversion products will be used , Unable to form clues directly from the content to promote the later transformation .

4、 The main content they released on the tiktok platform was mainly horizontal screen advertising. .

Low viewing comfort . According to this situation , It is also suggested that some users tiktok should be released. , Such as vertical screen , Short video content with equal close posture , Create a real brand image . Then based on the above problems , What measures should be taken to make up for optimization ?

Flow blessing , Content wins

During major promotion activities , Business owners tiktok released related content , Bring topic tags and enjoy the traffic gain in the station 、 Star promotion 、 Resource drainage in the station and central venue ; High quality works selected into the tab to enjoy secondary traffic distribution .

Tiktok 11.11 Discover the active and interactive users of commodity sharing video day during the Haowu Festival 5000 ten thousand , The broadcast volume of the topic challenge of the discovery festival of good things exceeded 10 billion ,TOP1 Grass planting video broadcast volume exceeds 100 million , Among them, the clothing category gets the highest flow assistance .

If you meet, there is already a high quality content release , And it attracted a certain degree of fans . Then you need to analyze the content of the publication , Keep good content going , Meanwhile, we should use tiktok company's products. , Optimize the effect . If you want to know more , Understand the agent operation service of account , Please add wechat /QQ:2696584379, Or telephone 010-86399611, We provide you with the best service .


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